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Gigabyte AORUS Waterforce X 280 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler $239 + Shipping @ PCByte


shipping is showing up as $9.90 for me in sydney metro
next cheapest price i could find anywhere is $279 and up after searching on staticice and using google for other stores

seems to have pretty good cooling performance from the only 3 half decent reviews i could find and it comes with extra mp4 video playing display bling :)

here is one review where the Gigabyte AORUS Waterforce X 360 360mm version slighly outperformed the MSI MAG CoreLiquid 360R and the Corsair H115i RGB 280mm version by around 3-4c and was only slightly beat by the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360
in the temp comparison performance page of this review you might notice both the i9 11900k temp comparison pictures say (oc of 5.5ghz) but the 1st picture is obviously at stock speed and if you save the pic to your hard drive it will also be called i9_stock.jpg as compared to the next pic i9_oc.jpg

here are the only 2 half decent youtube video reviews that i could find but the reviewers only compare the temps to their own previous coolers so they might not be the most helpful
if anyone finds any other reviews let us know please

New high performance pump efficiently dissipates heat from high end CPUs

Unique 60x60mm circular full color LCD, video play/ custom text support

Adjustable screen orientation can be rotated 330 degrees

High performance, low-noise level, Graphene Nano Lubricant ARGB fans

Supports RGB FUSION 2.0 synchronization with other AORUS devices

Universal design for fan & pump RPM control, supports all MB brands

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    Aren't those review numbers for the 360 version of this product?


      you are right i didnt notice that i will edit the post thanks

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        I know the Arctic Liquid Freezer 280 is slightly better then the 360 version (I'm sure)

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          its my understanding that 280mm is better than 360mm too because of more surface area 360mm is 80mm longer than 280mm but 280mm is 20mm wider along the length of the 280mm radiator
          and i dont know wherei got the impression but ive always believed that 2x 140mm fans will cool better at lower rpm and noise than 3x 120mm fans

          edit: looks like i was right
          "[Educational] 240mm vs 280mm vs 360mm compared; and why 280mm actually has more radiator surface area than a 360mm radiator!"

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            @BargainWizard: I wish the conclusion was just 280mm perform slightly better because 2x140mm fan are quieter and perform better than 3x120mm.

            The surface area conclusion only applies to one of the two examples, the Arctic 360 actually has more, and yet somehow the main takeaway is that 280mm actually has more surface area than 360mm.


              @TheContact: it says in the text on the pic that the area (3D) surface area comparison is between the kraken x73 360mm and x63 280mm which both have roughly the same thickness radiator 27mm and 30mm the x73 is the base 100% and the x63 is 104.98% it doesnt sound like much difference or maybe im not reading it right

              i really dont understand how its calculated because it shows the arctic liquid freezer II with the 40mm radiators to have 129.14% for the 280mm version and 140.99% for the 360mm which seems to be a much bigger difference than the kraken and in favor of the 360mm instead

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                @BargainWizard: You're reading it right. It's just a volume calculation, which is roughly correlates to total surface area. So the slightly thicker rad in the case of the 280mm Kraken has it edge out the 360, while the Arctics are all the same thickness so the 3x360 has a larger area than 2x280.

                Which is why the conclusion bugs me. It goes on about why a 280 beats a 360 and uses the calculation as justification but it's only the Kraken that it works on.

                Annnd I just looked up a review of the Arctic 360, and that outperforms the 280 noise normalized. So my idea that the 2x140 fans was better than the 3x120 earlier isn't even right. So there's no hard rule about which is better, 280 or 360. Seems a volume calculation gives you a good indication of what is best.


                  @TheContact: yeah i dont know how they came to that conclusion that 280mm had more surface area than 360mm when their own chart shows otherwise
                  i was always under the impression 280mm had more surface area dont know why but it looks like thats not right after all


                  @TheContact: heres a youtube review comparing the temps of all the arctic liquid freezer II radiator sizes
                  the test result comparisons start at 2 minutes 10 seconds if you dont want to watch from the start
                  the 280mm and 380mm and 420mm seem to be pretty much the same and the 420mm only better by 1-2c it might have something to do with the maximum performance of the pump and then diminishing returns for the bigger radiator sizes

                  Is Bigger Better? 120mm 240mm 280mm 360mm 420mm Watercoolers Tested - Arctic Liquid Freezer II


            @BargainWizard: And importantly 2x 140mm fans are quiter then 3x 120mm fans why I went with the Arctic Liquid Freezer 280 over 360

            also just was easier to install and I managed in my case to have the right orientation of the radiator having the hoses on the bottom which is recommended too keep air bubbles out of the cpu head/pump which sits higher then the bottom hoses,.. as with 360 setups impossible to do as the hoses ain't long enough from bottom of radiator to cpu head/pump

            Would love to buy this only cause of the AORUS features, especially the LCD display to match with my AORUS motherboard

            I went with this YouTube video (I think) when researching a while back, he reviews few different brand water coolers with different size radiators, (umm maybe my gaming temps ain't to shabby, might need extra 2 fans on my radiator to do push and pull, trying to avoid extra noise though as I really don't game)
            """Testing the NZXT Kraken x73 vs. the Arctic Liquid Freezer II vs. the Corsair H150i Pro RGB XT vs. the Lian Li Galahad RGB vs the Deepcool Castle 360EX"""
            Too save some time @ 5 minutes he starts comparing all the water coolers

            Edit: Nope I didn't these are all 360s but comparing different brands, I think I went with Artic II cause of that silly little fan on the cpu head lolz

            Actually this review sold me to get the 280 over the 360 Artic Freezer II and other brands, actually the 360 is better but barely by 1c ish (I think idle) plus my case issues and keeping correct orientation of radiator why I went with the Arctic Freezer II 280, warning this video review is full on comparing near 19 water coolers of different sizes and brands also goes on about the small fan on the cpu head for the Artic Freezer II series if it does anything plus there cpu head is offset over the cpu then other brands

            Sorry went on a bit πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ€‘

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    Love the LCD display, tempting too swap it over with my Arctic Liquid Freezer 280, surely will go great with my AORUS motherboard, more temptations more money I don't have to spendπŸ‘πŸ˜

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      ive got an aorus motherboard too and video card and an itchy buy now pay later purchase trigger finger :)


        Yeah I also have the AORUS Master 3070 Graphics Card, funny enough bought mine second hand last year for $1080 I think which was only then $70 cheaper then brand new but had no choice as there was no stock for new for these, now I've seen ridiculous prices of new close to the $2000 mark

        Certainly need additional fans in the case as my Artic 280 is not keeping temps low when gaming, mind you too it's winter here, plus my case is solid in the front, no vents, so important to have the right case for water cooling but idle temps are good keeping a 3950x @ 50c though again it's winter here in Melbourne

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          the arctic liquid freezer II is probably the best performing aio water cooler there is so if its not keeping the cpu cool enough there might just not be enough airflow in the case you might be better off investing in a high airflow case or more fans
          i think the only reason to choose any other aio water cooler would be for the rgb bling


            @BargainWizard: Yeah certainly I need more fans other then the radiator fans, certainly can tell its an air flow issue as if I remove the side glass panel the temps are much better,.. also Artic sets by default the radiator fans to push out air of case, configurated for a top case radiator configuration and my radiator is placed for front of case configuration so I need to turn the radiator fans around to pull in air


              @Italkdigital: yeah the cpu could be 10c cooler with the radiator and fans mounted at the front as intake with only a 1-3c increase in gpu temp have a look at this youtube video the results start at 7 minutes 30 seconds if you dont want to watch through the extra long intro

              Does Radiator Placement Matter? Hint: YES


    I had the older version of this (the non x model) for around a week before the screen died (just one day refused to turn on). Returned for a refund and am generally avoiding aorus coolers.