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Kingston Chelsea Men’s Leather Boots $30 @ Target


I was looking for new pair of leather boots. These come in Black or Brown for $30
Reviews look good.

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    In before - just buy RM Williams, yeah their 20x more expensive but worth it

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      "Worth it" is such a subjective term.
      If you walk around in boots every single day of your life, for both work and play, then a pair of RMs are definitely "worth it".
      If you only wear boots a few times per year when the dress code says you absolutely have to, then these are far more "worth it".

      I don't own RMs.

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        Different markets, different value considerations.

        I don't argue that they're worth it, I own 2 pairs of RM myself but I also own cheap boots and I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again especially in colours/styles I don't wear all the time. Even as a daily driver in all honesty, at this price, you could wear these out and buy another 19 pairs and wear those out for the same price as a pair of RM. As long as they're comfortable, that's all that ultimately matters, chuck them when they're not.

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          yeh I'm sure $30 target imitation leather boots are comfortable. Had enough bad experiences with el cheapo products to just avoid and not waste time + environmental waste.

          Saying that occasionally kmart/target have decent value/quality products, just alot of effort sifting through the rubbish. Normally if the product line has been around for a few years it's an indication the products decent

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            @RoeJogan: Are they 'imitation leather', or 'imitation leather boots'? Seems like they're real leather. I imagine crappy quality leather, but that's different to imitation leather.

            I wonder how much comes down to people just not caring for them like they would a $400 shoe and bothering to resole because it's not seen as worth it for a $30 shoe, and how much is the actual quality difference.

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              @NigelTufnel: fair enough good for occasions where the dress code requires it, but is there some middle ground options. Seems like either $500 or budget basement

            • @NigelTufnel: @roejogan most boot makers would charge more than $30 to re-sole, and many would likely say they cant because its not a leather sole.

              you go to the effort on RMs because its worth doing, the rest of the boot is still in good shape. Id be surprised if these maintained as well.

              FYI my Windsor smith Outlet boots have been fine for 6 years on the same rubber soles, only just starting to wear through now. daily worn pre-covid. didnt cost me $500, but a bit more than $30.

        • "If you walk around in boots every single day of your life, for both work and play, then a pair of RMs are definitely "worth it".

          From my experience as somebody who does wear leather shoes/boots 5 days a week, RM arent all that crash hot the heels will still need to be replaced eventually, Now sure you will get more life out of a RM heel than a target $30 but in terms of shoe quality its all much of a much ness if your job isn't for a top end fashion brand where people will be looking you up head to toe and judging the stitching on your shoes.

          I own a vast selection of leather boots be it RM, Aquila, Hush Puppies, Target, Florshiem, Julius Marlow i still need to rotate them and your pretty much told by most stores to rotate to get "more life" RM doesn't want you to buy 1 pair for life its buy 5 and rotate 5 days a week and then you will get those huge life spans.

          You could buy 5 pairs of target and wear them 1 day a week and get an amazing life span out of them too.

          • @JPNx: Just buy some homypeds and be done with it…

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    Even though the men's are listed as "Clearance", I'm interested to know what the regular price is as the women's aren't on clearance but are the same price.

    Links for those playing at home (sizes available at time of posting)
    Black Sz 7-12
    Brown Sz 8-9

    Tan Sz 6-11
    Black Sz 6-11

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      I think they were $49. I owned a pair probably 4 years ago and they lasted for a year of almost daily use, before the sole started splitting from the heel. For $30 they're definitely worth it.

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    but how will people be able to look at my boots and tell of my addictions for bags, zinger boxes and, 10 leg exotic multi's (that always fail on at least 1 leg).

  • Seems worth it for $30. Doesn’t seem to be much stock in SA 😥

  • Thanks OP, got one.

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