Sony WH-1000XM4 bargains?

Any bargains for SONY wh-1000xm4?
Not from individual ebay sellers.
I'm happy to buy from a seller who has a return policy, and warranty.

I'm happy to go for a XM3 under $290


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    Tried here?

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    What about the wireless version of these the WF1000XM4?

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    I wouldn't buy the XM3, and beware that Kogan's stock information is not reliable. They might make you wait for weeks or months to have your item delivered.


    The way headphones market and industry is currently, there is a deal every few days. So, just wait and watch if you do not find a deal. Thats it. There will be one on the horizon every few days.

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      Amazon is cheaper and doesn't require a $60 membership outlay?


        Good point, I missed the above deal. Thanks for pointing it out


    Anyone having issues with this headphones connecting to their Samsung smart TVs? I use Samsung Q70T and there is audio delay. My other 60 dollar ear buds are working perfectly without any latency.