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Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Overhead Headphones Black $249.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not as good as the prime day deal, but it's still a snag!

Silver also available but in very low quantities, perhaps getting rid of stock?


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Great for listing to music, horrible for phone calls. Only 1 active bluetooth connection at a time.

    • any good suggestion for a quality headset for phone calls?

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        Bose NC700

        • +3

          these r the best for the price and ANC/Mic quality
          I dont think any product wud do better (maybe better just on paper/spec sheets)

      • Sony WH1000XM4

        • +1

          mic is still trash

    • +3

      True that, but the noise cancelling is great :)

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        It's excellent if using it to purely listen to music, but a poor choice for Zoom meetings, or phone calls in general.

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          I use it a fair bit for work phone calls never had any issues… and that's working on buildings that are still under construction so lots of tradies doing their thing. The noise cancelling helps me hear the person on the other side of the line and not one person has complained they couldn't hear me.

        • Just select the mic on your laptop or pc.
          I was using my phone as a mic last year. Don't remember the apps name but it was really simple to do on windows.

          • @Mi2: If you could remember, let us know!

    • It's very simple
      Sony for music and anc
      Bose 35 II for meetings and and

      • Bose 35 II not good for music?

        • -3

          Sony for music
          35 II for meetings

          • @True:

            35 II for meetings

            So 35 II not good for music?

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              @superforever: i think it is suggesting that the sony is better for music

            • @superforever: The Sony is slightly better for music and moderately better for noise cancelling

            • -1
            • @superforever: i have the 35 II and they sound great for music. Sonys are just a little bit better apparently.

      • +3

        Have the Bose 35 II and it's awful for calls. Don't know if it's just my one but mic sounds muffled.

      • -1

        Why would you wanna spend money on headphones for work meetings, unless work is paying for it.
        I'm more than happy to have meetings on the laptop speakers & mic

        • +2

          I would imagine it’s a tax write off for many.

          I’ve claimed headphone previously and my accountant ok’d it.

          Just got keep under that magic $300

    • Great for listing to music

      Pen and paper does it for me.

      • Ha, I noticed the typo but couldn't edit it in time.

    • is there any bluetooth headset that allows multi active bluetooth connections at the same time.

      • wh-1000xm4s

      • Plantronics Backbeat Go, but they have their own set of issues (poor headband that breaks easily)

        Probably all the cheaper new headsets do also, e.g edifier/taotronics/anker etc, but would need to confirm. Xm3 are quite old

  • -1

    The price of $250 is very close to the price of XM4…

    • +8

      Please post a deal for xm4 in that case.

      • +5

        It is close to the seconds price. I rolled the dice with a refurb xm4 and it's been really good. It's able to connect to multiple devices which is handy.

        • me too and have not had an issue in the past month.

          However I feel the NC is a bit weaker on the XM4 compared to the XM3 or is it just me?

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/645905
          refurb xm4s were $224 and refurb xm3s were $134

          • +1

            @Caped Baldy: May I ask that the quality of these refurb xm4 is generally ok or depends on the luck? The price of $224 is very good for XM4. Does your unit have something which you can notice comparing to the brand new ones? Thanks

            • +3

              @HappyBargainer: Quality looks brand new to me and audio quality is solid. There is a 30 day return window and 12 months Sony warranty.

              That said, in some other posts people have complained about issues. I think for the price ($230ish) it's worth the gamble and hassle if something goes wrong.

              • @Caped Baldy: SONY seconds may be just a result of a damaged box etc. In reality SONY seconds should be better than "brand new" as they will be individually tested, whilst on a production line only a sample is tested. You throw the dice and see if you get a "Friday afternoon" special (or not)

          • +2

            @Caped Baldy: That was the WF (earphones), the WH (headphones) were $186.15

      • +1

        Scored one no refurb for $292 with this ebay plus deal


        I am a happy man ever since

        • I am a happy man ever since

          Username doesn't checkout.

  • Pretty decent headphones, they sound great and the NC is pretty good. Might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere if you wait a bit, like if there's a bigger sale or something similar.

    • They only sound great when using ANC compared to other ANC cans, otherwise pretty average, and can get much better for less if not after ANC

      • They sound alright with some EQ to tone down the bass.

        • For sure, for those in our office that don't care too much about sound etc, they were our go to office cans until XM4 came out.

          • @onlinepred: I don't go out anymore because of lockdown so the noise cancellation is basically nil for my use case (although I did find passive noise isolation on my Blessing 2 IEMs were enough for public transport as well actually). At home, open backs sound so much better though!

  • +1

    I just bought Edifier W860NB Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Bluetooth aptX Headphones with Smart Touch yesterday off amazon for $82. Well reviewed, and that was half price. For some reason I was given a 50% discount

    • +1
    • Does the W860NB do multiple Bluetooth connections simultaneously? It's one of the differences between the xm3s and xm4s. (I looked for info on multiple connections on the amazon page, couldn't get an answer.)

    • They are clearing the stock coz of the new version
      860 was released in 2018 and if you check it's Bluetooth V4.1

  • +1

    best headphones. got mine out for the first time in a while last night

  • +2

    What's the key difference between xm4 and xm3?

    • +1

      Better ANC.

      If I remember correctly, there’s a dedicated ANC chip in the headphones to do the noise cancellation.

      • Thanks

      • Both XM3 and XM4 have the same ANC chip. XM4 is tuned better though.

  • -3

    we should have sushi, Carol!

  • +2

    Own the XM4 from a refurbished deal that comes up often, definitely worth the money and don't let refurbished products scare you.
    I received mine and it was basically brand new with the new smell, just my two sense, but go for a refurb deal on the XM4 when it comes up!

    • +1

      Thanks for your feedback. I often worry about the quality of refurbished item. I saw the Sony post before and the price was very good. I might purchase it when the same deal is back again.

      • Usually refurb products just have the earpads replaced. There isn't anything wrong with them in the first place most of the time.

      • +1

        I bought the XM4 and it looked brand new.
        I bought XM3 earphones and the only problem I had was it was missing one size of the earbuds and instead had two of the same.
        If you are not happy with it on arrival then you are covered by eBay as well.

        • Great. I am looking forward the next Sony deal. How is XM4? I often feel that the Bose 700 is a bit of more comfortable but it's rare to be on special.

        • Just one more question, how is the packaging of the second XM4 which can definitely notice it's second or the condition is perfect. The price of $224 is good but the first hand of the same headphone costs around $300. I would like to save money but just want to make sure that the quality of second is good.Thanks

          • @HappyBargainer: The condition of the product I received was as new. The packaging was also as new, apart from an orange sticker they put on to mark it as "refurbished". I am not sure how it compares to bose headphones and not tested XM4 much yet but I have with the XM2/XM3 (on flights between UK and Australia) and the XM4 is meant to be more comfortable due to slightly larger earpads.

    • +1

      just my two sense

      I guess that's based from you hearing and smelling it. :)

  • A snag, you say?

  • New prime costumer's can use Welcome15 and get additional 15 off

  • +2

    These headphones are great for blocking out baby crying. Gets my sanity back

  • I alternate between the Sony XM3 and the Jabra Elite 85H which are fantastic. Jabra Elite 85H has the advantage of multiple devices connection through Bluetooth, besides having superb microphone too. The ANC on Jabra Elite 85H is also fantastic and comparable to the XM3s.

    • Just out of curiosity, if you already have the Jabra, then why also Sony?

  • How do these Over-the-ear headphones go for walking/exercising on a Tredmill? do they want to fall off? too hot? etc… Thanks in advance :)

    • +1

      These are definitely too hot for walking, even when standing still

      • I thought you were joking at first but read about how hot it can get from exercising so I stopped the search for these headphones. Even thought they are popular, it's not for me.

        • Yeah i remember i had to very frequently air out the headphones to cool my ears while working out. the sound was great but it's very impractical if it gets uncomfortable even after 10minutes. I'm glad i sold it.

          • +1

            @Sertacv2: thanks. I'm glad I hung on to buying until further research.

      • +1

        Thanks very much for your feedback, much appreciated :)

  • Available again.

  • Why does this come up as a highlighted deal, even though it's a few weeks old?

    Oh OK, maybe hamza's above comment is why

  • Prob gonna keep waiting for the prime deal or to see if it can get cheaper

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