Quality Butane Lighter?

I'm sick of crappy lighters. Talking the long-neck, BBQ types.

I figured this technology should be utterly perfected by now, the year 20-bloody-21, but no - every long-necked lighter I can find takes 10 attempts to light, the flame/fuel control does nothing, and they go out if somebody on the other side of the planet passes gas.

Can anybody recommend a quality lighter?

Must have:
- Long neck
- Refillable
- Works as you expect a lighter to work; in other words, it reliably creates fire
- Flame control (again, that works as it should)
- Lockable

Bonus points for:
- Flexible neck
- "Jet" flame
- Not ridiculously expensive, but at this point, I don't really care

This must exist in the world.

Thanks in advance.


  • Cannabot should know more about this than us mere mortals.

    • I should indeed. Alas, I am bereft of such wisdom!

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    This isn't a lighter but I can burn ANYTHING with it.

    Easily used on BBQs with bad access due to sheer flame size, or on a wood fire where I only use kindling and no firelighters. Canister replacements are like $1 each in a 12pk and last forever.

    Without out knowing your use case I couldn't say if it's more useful without the features you requested though…

    • +1

      I was going to suggest the same sort of thing.

    • Thanks, how long is the flame on these things? Ideally I’d be getting a max 2cm flame.

      My use case is lighting candles, camping stove, campfires and occasionally heat shrink. I think the massive flame would be a bit dangerous indoors

      Suppose this kind of torch also can work in a pinch for soldering - that’s handy.

      Thanks for your suggestion.

      • Flame length is about 10cm. Works excellent for campfires and heat shrink; the wide flame makes it easy to get a consistent heat where a lighter can easily burn a hotspot. It's tricky for most pillar candles but GREAT for birthday cakes as you can light multiple candles evenly at once!! Then you aren't rushing to get them all lit in time.

        Not likely useful for soldering (i.e. electronics like I'm used to!) though maybe heavy gauge car wiring where you use a 240v solder gun.

        • +1

          Oh right so it's a legit mini blowtorch. Cool! Thanks for the info.

  • This would be perfect for you. Had mine for 10 years and still going strong.
    Flexible, adustable flame, wind proof, led light, bottle opener, refillable and kind of child proof. You will know what I mean if you buy it.


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