Gmail Mail Sending Two Years after I Actually Sent It?

Hi all.

Today I received a reply to an email I sent well over 12 months, possibly 2 years ago, to a government agency. I checked the original send date and it says the 15th of July 2021. Two weeks ago.

I know I didn't send it two weeks ago as it was for something I needed to do over two years ago and now have nothing to do with. Strangely even the source code says 15 July this year.

Is my Gmail haunted? Has anyone heard of this?


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    Consider yourself lucky the government agency actually responded to you

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    One scenario I imagine this is possible is that you had poor internet connectivity at time of sending. If you then shut off the device that sent it, and didn't power it back on until 2 weeks ago, then the email finally sent. Though given your description, it doesn't sound like this is the case.

    Ghostbusters or Bikies?


      Ghost rider…..duh!

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    What is in your sent items?

    Maybe you accidentally set the delay send to not send it for 2 years?


    Does someone have access to your Google account? (Have you been pwned?)

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    When is your gmail showing this message was sent? Maybe the gov is just catching up now ;)


    What's your password, I'll take a look : )
    Seriously though, it's user error. Pretty hard for anyone to guess how exactly.


    Could be you had used some app like outlook or thunderbird and this email was stuck in outbox if you closed it accidentally and when you opened the app again it sent the email.
    Is this just one email or many?


    It gets curiouser. Here's some quick background - I was involved with a local footy club that I left two years ago. I was the registered contact for MyCav (Consumer Affairs) as secretary etc. I emailed them two years ago asking to change the contact email, as I had left the club. This was definitely two years ago. I've had nothing to do with them since.

    It looks like I sent two emails asking to change the email address as I hadn't heard from them after the first one. Both emails were different so I obviously rewrote them. They were both replied to yesterday. Original send date for both is 15th of July this year. I would have originally sent them weeks apart as I only sent the second one when I hadn't heard from them after the first one. My brain hurts.


      See above. User error.

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      Were you in a Delorean at the time you sent the emails? How fast were you travelling at the time? ;)


    I had an email arrive 2 weeks after it had been sent to me. The really bad part is that it was an offer for a car, a running on-the-road and registered car, free! When I didn't reply he gave it someone else that was interested. D'oh!