Kobo E-Reader - Can It Run Libby?

Hi All, I have been wanting to get a Kobo recently during lockdown since Libraries are closed. Before I pay for it, can I ask a few questions before I make up my mind.

  1. Can I run Libby/overdrive directly on Kobo so I can borrow e-books from my local library?

  2. Generally is 8gb enough? It would be mainly novels for me and some young fiction books for my 7yo son (The treehouse series, Big Nate etc?)

  3. Libra or Forma? I guess it's hard to answer, I been searching articles and reading reviews but still can't don't know! Can you notice any difference except the screen size?

  4. Do I need to buy a genuine case from Kobo or some $15 case will do the job?

Lastly does anyone got discount codes for Kobo? I can see JB hi-fi got a deal over a week ago but nothing now, do they go on sale often?

Thanks so much!


    1. Yes
    2. In my experience, yes
    3. I've the Libra and am happy with it but personal choice obviously
    4. I went with the genuine case as there weren't many options at the time, haven't regretted it.
    1. By going to Settings - Overdrive, you can sign into your Libby/Overdrive account and read books from your public library.
    2. Unless you'll be reading a lot of large PDFs and graphic novels, 8GB is plenty. It'll hold thousands of text-based books.
    3. It does depend whether you prefer a larger screen size. The Libra is 7 inch which is still bigger than the common 6-inch ereaders like the Paperwhite, so it should suit most tastes. The Forma will fit a lot more text in a single screen which is awesome, but if you plan on carrying it around a lot (on public transport etc.) the more portable Libra is a better option. Note that with the Forma, there are a few complaints about the power button and PWM (basically an unnoticeable screen flicker), but I personally don't think they're an issue. They're both great devices.
    4. Cheap cases will do, but if you're getting the Forma, Booktopia's Forma + genuine cover bundle is actually cheaper than the device by itself at the moment. The Libra bundle deal has ended.
      Kobo ereaders do go on sale occasionally but not very often. You could get some TCN Her/Baby cards from this deal and buy from Booktopia, but note that this might increase the minimum spend for future Flybuys deals, so you might be better off getting JB Hi-fi to match the Forma bundle deal or just buying the Libra from either retailer and ordering a cheap cover.
      Also check out the Pocket function when you get your Kobo, it's great.

      Thanks so much! I read some reviews saying it’s not necessarily to have the cover, because it will add weight to the device and make it clumsy, is this true? Also some people say libra has a very “cheap plastic” feel to it and the buttons are hard to press, do you think so?


        Ereader screens are notoriously fragile and prone to cracking with pressure, but if you're usually careful with e-devices you could do without a case. Most cases have an auto-sleep feature (device turns on/off when you open/close the cover) which is very handy, and they're usually quite lightweight, but you could buy the device first and decide later.
        As for the cheap plastic feel, that also comes down to personal preference. The Kindle Oasis (Libra's direct competitor) has a metal body (both good and bad as it's very solidly built but terribly cold to the touch) and page-turn buttons that are easier to press (require a little less force), but while the Kobo does feel less "premium" than the $400 Oasis, I don't think it feels cheap. The tactile difference is even less noticeable once you have a case on it.


          Thank you again! One more thing, what is the Pocket function? Is JB normally easier to deal with than Booktopia in terms of customer service? Delivery should be similar I reckon.


            @easoweno: Pocket is an app for saving articles for later. You install it on your phone/computer browser, then whenever you find an article you want to read you just hit "save to pocket". It will list all your saved articles and for sites with poor formatting it will generally improve the formatting and make it more readable.

            I bought a Kobo mainly for Libby and Pocket and have no regrets! I have also bought a couple of cheap books on special through the kobo store, but this is a bit of a rarity as most of the books don't really appeal to me. I pretty much exclusively read non fiction though.


            @easoweno: Pocket is an extension for your browser that bookmarks a webpage and can serve it in a readable format to your ereader. See here

            I have a Kobo and have never used this. Most internet articles are short reads anyway.

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    8gb is heaps. A typical book (epub/ mobi) is about 500kb so 8gb will hold…heaps..about 16,000 of these.

    As someone said, PDF's are far bigger and will take bigger slices of memory.

    I bought the Kobo Clara HD (8gb) as you can hack it to upgrade the internal mem (apparently it's a microsd card) but I have never had to. I'm so far from filling it.