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[eBay Plus] $20 off Selected Alcohol (Expired) | 10% off Selected Alcohol @ eBay (Carlton Zero 24pk $19.99)


It's all about grog for this week's eBay Tuesday. Drink responsibly!

$20 off Selected Alcohol - TUEBEVS - Expires 27/7 (1 item per person) Expired

Also 10% off selected alcohol (min spend $30) - promo code DRINKME - Expires 28/7

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    Drink responsibly!

    Don't tell me what to do, this is lockdown!


    Edit: Southern Comfort 1L for $38 delivered, nice!

    • Exactly what I went for - thanks for the heads up!

      • -3

        It's only $40 in First Choice Liquor and you can get 2000 flybuys if you spend $50.
        So that's $35 each for 2 vs $38.99 for one with ebay.
        So not that much saving (yes free delivery with ebay vs pickup for FCL)

        • 1L eBay vs 700ml FCL
          But 1L FCL is $50, less FB makes it $40, so eBay is still better deal.

          • @battler: My bad.
            I was looking to optimise the voucher value. This didn't look like the best discount compared to others.
            But looking back, you need to make quick decisions or the deal is over anyway. I jumped on the Canadian Club 12 Year Old 700mL for $35 (I might regret later if it doesn't turn out to be that good).

  • +6

    Hurry up guys, I think it's bugged. It's removing $20 for less than $100 items.

    Got Aberlour 12 Double cask for $56.23

    —I'm stupid, I thought it was 20% off

    • Grabbed thanks!

    • +1

      These deals are dangerous!
      Explosion of Alcohol posts - Can't expect any less from the aussie Ozb community.
      Will be drinking to support Aussies in the olympics :D

      • for me im drinking to support the lockdowns (with s)

  • +5
    • What drinks can you make with rum?

      • +1

        Well there's Rum, Rum Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Dark & Stormy, Mojito, Pinã Colada.. although given the weather right now I'd add it to a mulled cider or mulled wine.

      • +3

        After all these liquor deals: just pour it into your coffee in the morning …

  • +1

    Cheapest item is Aperol for $15.99 - decent price?

    • been $22 + %20 off so not a huge drop I guess?

      • Oh. In that case Asahi it is then.

  • +3

    Cmon Dealbot I can't drink 0% at any price Bud .

    • no love for under 18s or non-drinkers 😪

  • +1

    Grabbed a box of James Squire Ginger Beer. Great deal under $70

  • Time for some more ginger beers, thanks!

  • Canadian club 12yo, 35$

  • Can only be used once :(

  • Aberlour 12 $56.23

  • +1

    Got a Dead Mans Finger…

    • +1

      thought I would try the coffee version for black Russians. $28 delivered.
      absolute steal.

      • I almost went the coffee version but just thought I'd play it safe since I am out of spiced rum anyway and know it'll be nice. Now I feel like I should have taken the risk haha

  • +3

    4 pillars Gin $42.95

    • 1l?

  • +2

    Balter Captain Sensible only $24 for a case!

    • a case of 16.

    • Are they good?

      • +1

        They are very drinkable, keep in mind they are only 1 std drink. I ended up going for a case of Bentspoke Pale Ale

        Still works out around $1.50 per can for the Balter!!

  • +4

    Thanks OP, worth signing up for $4.99 for the month to get $20 off!

  • 750ml of American Honey Sting for $30.09, don't mind if I do

  • Anyway to get free ebay plus still?

    • I recently used a link on OzBargain that got me a $50 voucher for a $49 annual signup - if you're buying something you were already going to buy for over $50.01, then that's "free" eBay plus

      • +1

        Though you can't attach this voucher with other coupons

        • use the voucher to buy an eBay gift card, then use it with other coupons.

      • It appears that voucher isn't working anymore.

  • +1

    Mountain goat $35 delivered pretty good

  • Balter Captain sensible $24.70 delivered makes me happy

    • Is this sold out ? Can't seem to find it.

  • Just a one usage code again?

    • Imagine if one member can use 100 times…. Australia stores will run out of alcohol

  • +3

    Deal is for alcohol. Listed deal is non-alcoholic Lol

    • +2

      "Great deals on coffee, so here's a link to decaf!"

      • +1

        Exactly! Like the deal is absolutely a good one, but the specific item suggested is an insult to the ethos of the deal haha

  • Any good 10% off deals?

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/284352948863 4 Pines Nitro Stout 330mL Case of 24 Craft Beer works out to $46.90 with TUEBEVS

  • Bought this. Hopefully okay? Any one had?
    Hennessy VS Limited Edition by Felipe Pantone Cognac

    • I've had it. Enjoyed it. I bought the martell aged in red barrels this time.

      • The opposite, i bought martell during shopback boozebud promo weeks ago
        im drinking it now

  • I bought this - Four Pillars Rare Gin 700ml - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/283876493579 works out to $42.95 with TUESBEVS.

    Seemed be very popular when listed for $55 previously :)

    • Same, tried it at some Home function years ago but not enough of a gin drinker to spend $60+, since the Roku wasn't included, grabbed this, thx Op

  • +1

    $17.99 for some Chocolate Luxe Baileys. Don't mind if I do.

  • nice got a slab of GOAT for $35

  • +1

    Black Hops - East Coast Haze x16 for $49.99 delivered, nice!!

  • thanks OP, grabbed dozen yellow tail shiraz

  • This has been a disappointing Cheap Tuesday for non-NSW and VIC customers.

    • +2

      Well never too late to learn drinking… get ready for 8th covid wave

  • Wild Yak and Fat Yak for $32 a slab.

    I picked up a Wild Yak.

    • Is it with ebay plus?
      Any instructions how to?

  • +4

    Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

    I am a PLUS member, have not used before….. any ideas?

    • +1

      I'm a plus member too and getting the same error message with TUEBEVS.

    • Same. Surely it can't already be over.

      • +1

        It's bloody 11:45am for me. Surely not.

    • Same here

    • Gone from the home page too… what the

    • +1

      Same 😔

  • +4

    scumbags how can they end the deal already

  • +6

    Same happened last week. What is the point of a promo if you drop them so early every time?

  • +1

    Seems to have gone. Had already gone to the paypal page to make payment and it changed price!

  • +3

    Damnnn signed up for ebay plus just for this and it ends early

  • +4

    price jacked and then deal ended early, classic ebay.

  • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

    • Same for me

      • Checked mate!

  • +3

    TUEBEVS already expired. >:(

    Edit : I just got the ebay email advertising this deal 5 mins ago. lol, what a joke.

  • +2

    Banner now shows
    $20 off* beer, wine & spirits
    $20 off* select items have now sold out.

    • +1

      "$20 off* select items have now sold out."

      What a load of crock.

      • +1

        why advertise that it's $20 off, yet all sold out…wtf? You could have got this but, mmmhahahaha it's sold out hahahaha.

  • +2

    TUEBEVS is expired … :(

  • +1

    Same as last week.. ends early

  • +3

    That’s what I get for no refreshing ozb every 2 minutes :(

  • +1

    sold out. You snooze you lose. I guess I was snoozing.

    • +8

      You snooze, no booze

      • +3

        no booze, no snooze

      • lol

  • +8

    I just received the email 8 minutes ago.

    $20 off* beer, wine & spirits

    $20 off* select items have now SOLD OUT.

    Thanks eBay for letting me know about an unobtainable deal.

    • -3

      All the Asahi beer cases that flew out the door culled the longevity of the deal :)
      Also not like this deal hasn't been listed days ago at OZB either .

  • +7

    Cancelled subscription to eBay plus. Just not worth it for those who actually have a life and can't drop everything to try and secure their 'deals'.

    • +7

      It feels like I am paying to enter a competition. Not worth it.

      • +1

        Yeah your better off just making a throw away email and subscribing to a trial on the off chance something's in stock, not limited quantity/time, not price jacked, isn't garage sale trinket rubbish, and a decent 'deal'.

        I feel like a total schmuck for paying for a year.

        • -8

          Seriously Sore Losers after its been open for 3 hrs .
          I can imagine the complaints from youse if you go for items I go for that sells out in 7 sec :)

          • @popsiee: Lol 'youse'

          • +1

            @popsiee: I received email from ebay at 12:36pm. It was already expired….

            • -10

              @Miyagi: I was wondering whether to fire the 3rd ac but 3 cases is a bit too much for me so didn't. Also like 2 cases from previous deals still hanging around .

            • @Miyagi: ozbargain always faster than eBay email.

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