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[eBay Plus] Aberlour 12 Years Old Whisky 700ml $56.23 Delivered @ BoozeBud eBay


Great price for this whisky, told myself I wouldn't buy anymore..

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  • Wasn't that impressed when I tried it, but for 56 bucks, I can easily overlook it and be happy with this whisky. I'm likely to buy again if it was this price (and I had ebay plus).

  • Damn, doesn't post to regional VIC :(

  • Great price OP! Pity doesn't post to Tas…

  • Much stronger than redbreast 12?

    • They are both 40%

      • The taste i meant

        • +1

          Redbreast 12 has citrus and nuts, with an oily feel.
          Aberlour 12 is sweet, fruitcake.
          Redbreast 12 has a longer finish and more depth.

          • @Plimsol: Ah ok im happy with redbreast. Looking for sweeter whiskey

            • +1

              @ChiMot: Redbreast is also Irish… You can definitely taste the Scottishness of Arbelour.
              Not sure what kind of sweet you're looking for, but the Caribbean cask of Balvenie, or try Glenmorangie Nectar d'or. Neither amazing in my opinion, but might be the taste you're looking for.

              • @terlalu: thanks for Glenmorangie Nectar will wishlisted it

  • isa this still working?

  • +2

    Glendronach 12 for 65 is much better value imo.

    The Aberlour 12 is good but pay extra for the Abunaddh

    • The Aberlour 12 is good but pay extra for the Abunaddh


    • A'bunadh is cask strength, don't think I've ever bought a cask strength sipping whisky. Since I like Aberlour 12 I might have to give this a go at some point.

      • +2

        Cask strength better. Actually works as a nice, slow, sipping whisky

        Much nicer than say glenfarclas 105 which is a bit ethanol forward and super oaky

        Also allows you to add a few drops of water to get it down to an abv% you prefer.

        • +1

          I find the 105 you need to get past the initial ethanol burn first, then it's really smooth. And typically a bigger first sip helps with that. YMMV.

      • +2

        Go for it, mate. Absolutely brilliant drop, the A'bunadh

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  • +1

    Got captain Morgan rum 700ml for $18

  • A'bunadh rocks

  • Only marginally more drinkable than Glen Moray which frequently hits $50 price point or less

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