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Oral-B Precision Clean Toothbrush Replacement Electric Heads Pk 5 $19.65 ($3.93 Each) @ Woolworths


Combine with discounted gift card for further discount :), not too bad to add them on top of your shopping.

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    Will wait for amazon price match


      It’s already cheaper on Amazon for the 8 pack, $3.74 each.

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        I have some 5% eGifts with Woolies so it will be cheaper for me that way :)

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    I have gone cheap and bought the 'compatible' Oral B Brush heads off eBay, costs me $20 for 24 of them.

    Been using it for the last month and TBH, I can't feel the difference. Having it so much cheaper means it's cheaper to change it more often.


      Could you share the link please?


      "Having it so much cheaper means it's cheaper to change it more often."

      Unless, you want to contribute to landfill, there is no reason to change it more often, otherwise toothbrush companies would be the first to tell you to replace them every day if they could. More money for them.

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        I tend to keep the brush head for way too long, somewhere between 6 months to a year. We are meant to change it within 3 months which is quite expensive if I keep buying the original brush heads.

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    I used to buy the Oral B ones, until I started using the no brand ones on Amazon. They are indistinguishable in quality - I am looking at both right now in my hand.

    For example (currently not in stock on Amazon AU only on Amazon US) Aster Replacement Electric Toothbrush Heads 16 Pack, Compatible Braun Oral B Toothbrush Heads

    • $14.95 (less than $1 per head) when in stock on Amazon AU

    There are plenty of other alternatives on Amazon, just check the reviews before purchasing.

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      I send that. I bought a bulk pack of 'after market' heads and my mouth can't tell the difference. I think is was 20 heads for $20 or something, but well worth it.


      Normally, I would agree, but in this case, not quite.
      First thing, first, how do you know they are identical in quality? Unless you were able to do some thorough testing, I can't rely on your opinion.
      Second thing. While they might not fall apart, there is no guarantee they used the same materials and made it to the same standard as original ones.
      And third, for $14 a year, I am happy not to test it. If those generic ones get proper testing and be proven they are the same as the originals, then yes, I'll buy.


        $4 per head per 3 months, why would people rather save a mere $2-3 over??? it's going into your mouth too, rather have Oral-B than an unknown brand or no brand alternative

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          It's the same generic plastic bristles, I have been using the OEM Oral B ones for more than 15 years and I can't tell the difference with the after market ones.

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            @xenoic: If you look at expired and not expired milk, can you tell the difference? They look the same.
            Sure, $10 is nice to have, but I am not going to gamble with it without having a proper testing and confirming it. After all, we are not even talking about hundreds of dollars, but a few bucks a year.

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              @bargainparker: I'm just telling you that I've been using both and the third party one is as good as the OEM.

              Up to you mate. :)

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                @xenoic: I am happy for you.

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                @xenoic: My great grandfather was a heavy drinker and smoker. Died in his eighties, wasn't in a wheelchair and sharp as ever. Should I say it is ok to do to what he did, even though we are bombarded with telling us how bad it is?

                As I said, I won't gamble for the sake of a few dollars a year. I can't just buy replacement teeth. If you think, they are the same and you are happy to use them, that's fine with me. It's your body, do whatever you like.
                I only said, I can't rely just on someone's opinion without backing it with some scientific data. $10 a year just isn't worth it.


          they're probably third shift manufactured anyway.


    $32.75 at my Woolworths store.


      Oops. I really have to get new glasses.

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    Amazon have matched, $17.69 with S&S :)