Government Grants and Support for Startups, Small and Medium Businesses

Hi folks,

Wondering if you are had recieved any Gov. grants, supports etc. to start or grow your business that you can share. This is not Covid specific (as they are quite well known these days and are temporary) but rather in general. Yes, there are articles available on Google but I thought to check if I could get some advice based on first hand experiences, will be beneficial for all.

I will start the thread with the grants/support that I had received for my startup (have to say they were not that well known and I had to dig a bit)

  1. Export Market Development Grant : For my export product I spent quite a bit of money in marketing and advertising it outside Australia. I applied for this grant and received it. Quite generous in my view i.e. (when I received a few years ago) Austrade would reimburse 50% of all the marketing expenses spent outside Australia (includes Google/FB ads) after you have spent $5k from your own pocket. So if you have spent say $20k then they would reimburse you about $7.5k ($20k - $5k = $15k / 2).

  2. NSW: Business Connect Advisory Service: You get free 4 hours of professional business consulting (paid by NSW) and then a discounted rate of $25/hr for further business advisory services. Good to get your org structure, business plans etc sorted.

  3. QLD: $5,000 Education Grant for GST Registered ABN Holders: I didn't use this but found on Ozbargain while searching for what had already been posted here


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    CSIRO Kick Start $10k - $50k
    Accelerating Commercialisation $1m of matched project funding

    There are heaps more but are state limited or industry limited.

    Not from Government but most universities offer $5k - $25k of startup funding.

    Not from Government but list of "easy" to get into VC:
    * Black Bird VC
    * Air Tree
    * Square Peg

    On Average 5% share for around $40-50K depending on your business.


      $350 yearly membership to access? Um no thanks.

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    If anyone has queries on number 2, one of my family members is a business adviser through this service and I'm happy to pass your questions to them and report back.

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    MVP Grant - up to $25K matched funding of 50-50%

    R&D Tax Incentive - 43.5% refundable tax offset, ( tax 30% imposed on the tax offset), gets you effectively 13.5% of eligible entities

    Innovation Connections - up to $50K to place a PFRO researcher in your business to work on a project, or $30K for gradute placement. Not suitable for small startup, minimum expenditure required

    Innovation Districts Challenges - $10K to $250K - depending on the ranking of the startup project. Challenge Three starting now.

    Most of the government grants are 50 - 50 matched grant. Meaning, you have to fork out the half to get the other half. Or some of them have minimum expenditure required to be eligible.

    Depending on which stage of startup and how much cash you have, funding comes from many different ways.


      Amazing, thanks!


        what industry are you in for your startup?


          Software/Mobile apps

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            @spiderdash: If you have not have any revenue, should look at MVP grant, quite easy to get, provided you have cash to match the required grant.


    Business isn’t my thing, but all federal gov grants are listed here I believe.