Help with Choosing Colour for Metallic Door Paint DIY

Am trying to repaint my rusted door , how do I get the exactly same colour as its now.
Went to local Bunnings they suggested this is the best I can get , but it is white!

Picture of Door


  • Are you planing to take the door off before spraying?

    • Don’t think so, is it required?

      • Depends if you want to spray everything behind it the same colour :)

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    What they are suggesting is just a primer, not a paint, but you will need it anyway.

    You can get cans of paint that is used for Colourbond fencing that should be close. At a guess from the photo this looks like it is pretty close to "Domain".

    • Edit: colorbond (please excuse pegaxs tardiness on this occasion)

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      Correct it's a primer, so you would topcoat with an external grade non-epoxy metal paint. Alternatively you could use this product after you use the solvent to clean it.

      My guess is Classic Cream

    • My apologies it was incorrect link have updated the correct one

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        Sorry for offending everyone by misspelling "Colorbond". Seems I really upset someone by spelling it incorrectly. I really do need to lift my game, and for that, I sincerely and wholeheartedly apologise for my tremendous oversight. I will embark on a program to better educate myself next time…

        Anyway, enough of that petty shit, what you would be better off with is maybe this colour.

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    Plus one for colorbond colour. If in doubted the actual colour, grab a colour chart for colorbond colours from your favourite paint supplier and compare it next to the door.