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[PC] Steam - The Miniverse Collection (Mini Metro and Mini Motorways) - $13.34 (was $29) - Steam


As a follow up to BA's post for Mini Metro and jace88's post for Mini Motorways, here is the price for the bundle of the two "Mini" games.
Mini Motorways has only been released on 21 July so is brand new. It looks as much fun as Mini Metro and seems to have lots of replayability.
Get it while it is on offer.


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    Thanks, love mini metro and had no idea motorways existed. Grabbed it.

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      Mini Motorways was only released a couple of days ago, fantastic game


    I ended up buying this since it's 50% off and who knows, maybe I'll discontinue my Apple Arcade subscription at some point and would be great to still have access even on my Macbook.

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    thanks for posting!! got the package


    The remote play on tablet intrigued me has anyone tried it.


      I'm also curious. I didn't even realise this was a special thing that UIs get tailored.


        I have experimented in the past I think with it it was ok.

        I tried remotr and I can't remember the name of another one and they seemed to be ok but after awhile I think it couldn't find my pc or connect.

        I just remember using steam link pretty well now and the UI being OK.

        I think some games like minion masters you can change the buttons around but that's more game specific than steam link feature.