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Razer Core X (Mercury) $223.29 + $83.87 Delivery @ Amazon UK via AU


Razer Core X thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure in silver (mercury).

Like yesterdays deal for the black version (now out of stock) it is sold by Amazon UK but ~$28 cheaper.

I did order the black one yesterday and couldn't cancel it as apparently it "is in an advanced stage" of getting ready for shipping.
Hopefully someone else gets benefit from this even cheaper price!

Price $223.29 + $83.87 Delivery as not eligible for Prime delivery

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    Wouldn't touch this with a 10ft pole due to all the issues.

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    For anyone looking at an egpu, check egpu.io for details and user stories.

    I've got an egpu (not razer I admit) and initially hated it. After a bit of figuring out how it works, it's brilliant.

    Random notes:
    - if you have issues with bitlocker tripping, there are some small tweaks to BL settings to fix it
    - don't hibernate and remove or connect the egpu. Windows will fail to restore (different hardware!)
    - if you use different scaling on a laptop screen and dgpu connected screens, you may need a little app to resize windows to save you doing it by hand every time
    - if you swap from your laptop monitor to dgpu monitors, windows may keep rendering some windows on the iGPU and those windows will feel laggy. Get a small script to disable and re-enable the iGPU to force apps onto the dgpu.


      May I ask whats your setup and how much did it cost? Trying to get a few ideas about laptop + eGPU combinations

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    I had the Razer Core X Chroma running together with RX5700 for almost an year (which will be on market as a replacement with 3080 desktop).

    The setup went smoothly following with egpu.io articles and using the AMD Adrenalin red driver. The eGPU was used on bootcamp Win10 as well as MacOS (Macbook Pro) without issues.


      The eGPU was used on bootcamp Win10

      This sounds amazing.


    Coming up as $259.88 + shipping for me.


    I'm used to seeing eGpu's being well beyond $500, what's the deal here?


    Is showing as $259.88 (+ $83.87 delivery). How are you getting $223.29?


      Price increased not long ago.


    so cheap btw back down to 223

    I paid double that


    For anyone new to the eGPU world, they can be a little finicky at times, but I firmly believe they are an excellent choice for people who want a balance between portability and gaming horsepower in a single computer.
    I had a Razer Core with an AMD RX 570 initially, but sold that and purchased an Aorus GTX 1080 eGPU for a bit more horsepower. Both eGPUs ran very well with my Dell XPS 13, but sometimes needed some fine-tuning.


    i have this plugged into mac mini


    New Price: $295.83 + $83.87 Delivery


    for those using egpu, is there any limitations with the laptop CPU ? I want to use this solution with a Dell Precision 5550 laptop . ty