expired Shrek 1-4 Box Set [Blu-Ray] - £23.97 +Shipping (Approx AU $36)

Shrek 1-4 Box Set [Blu-Ray] - £23.97 +Shipping (Approx AU $36)Affiliate

Just saw the price of the Shrek 1-4 Blu-Ray box set drop from just over £40 yesterday to £23.97 today.

Unfortunately Amazon UK is no longer offering free delivery for orders over £25 (that offer ended on January 15) however after VAT removal, the box set plus delivery works out to be around the list price of £23.97 (around AUD$36) anyway.

Still a good deal as JB is selling this set for AUD$65 and Zaavi have it at just over £30.

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    13 votes and no comment?! Thanks OP!


      Everyone is speechless on how good this deal is..


    Good price, but I will wait for Australian 3D release.

    Prison Break (Complete) Blu Ray set has dropped today too, now comes to about $75 delivered for 4 seasons plus movie length final. Waiting with baited breath for price drops on Frozen Planet and Idiot Abroad 2, but nada.


      Update: This Prison Break bargain was posted on ukhotdeals after my initial comment LOL so is now sold out.


    "Better out than in" I always say!

    If you love the Shrek franchise, make sure you check out the Broadway show cast recording. It's fantastic!



      My favourite line: "You definitely need a Tic Tac or something cause your breath STINKS!"