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WAG 200g Dog Treats Kangaroo Cubes / Liver / Jerky from $12.74 ($11.47 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Our fussy little pup loves this brand of treats so always on the lookout. Unfortunately the rabbit ears i wanted are not in stock but noticed decent pricing on some of the kangaroo treats.

Kangaroo Cubes 200g $12.74 or $11.47 SS Out of stock (can be ordered with delay) and SS Removed
Kangaroo Liver 200g $12.74 or $11.47 SS
Kangaroo Jerky 200g $13.18 or $11.85 SS

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    Kangaroo Cubes

    What part of the kangaroo is a cube?


    How hard are the treats? Never a fan of giving treats that are hard and have sharp ends to my dog as there is always a risk of them choking and/or damaging their oesophagus while swallowing.


      The cubes are hard and crunchy. I actually put them in a bag and wack with something to break up smaller for same reason. Our dog is only about 5kg, he goes bonkers for them just loves kangaroo it seems.

      Not on special but the kangarooo and veal tendons are fantastic.


    Not in stock! Usually dispatched between 1-2 months…

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      I got mine sooner. But the other 2 liver and jerky say in stock.

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        Have ordered option 2 and 3 now. Cheers


    Thanks OP. I have ordered.


    Edit: ALL GOOD MUST HAVE BEEN THE 5 bucks from gift card special the other day…

    Has someone else ordered Kangaroo Liver? Minimum order is 2. Still don’t understand the calculation:

    Total before GST:
    Promotion Applied:
    Gift Card / Certificate Balance:
    Order total

    I understand I have used a gift card balance, but without that they have charged me only $17.93 for 2X Kangaroo Liver 200g right?

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      Your calculation looks correct*.

      Originally I purchased the 200g but realised 750g was better value.

      $30.09 or $27.08 with SS. Works out $3.63/100g vs $5.7/100g (for the smaller bags).

      Edit: I initially added back the giftcard value. However, just added items to cart and got this
      Order Summary
      Items: $25.48
      Delivery: $0.00
      Total: $25.48
      Promotion(s) Applied: -$2.55
      Order Total: $22.93

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        Yes this deal is better: Kangaroo Liver 750g, Grain Free Hypoallergenic Natural Australian Made Dog Treat Chew, Perfect for Training https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B073GJ2NZ9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

        But Amazon does not want to give me back the 5$ promo credit only the gift card balance. In this case my first purchase is cheaper, because I would loose 5$ on cancelling…

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          Nice pickup guys, i should have looked for that too. I have the 750g bag for veal and kangaroo tendons…. its pretty big!