Test for High Frequency Sound

Is there an inexpensive way to test if a high frequency sound gadget is actually working?

I bought a push button doohickey from the TV Shop in the hopes of stopping our dog from barking.

Is there a way of checking if high frequency devices are actually producing sound? The couple of times we've needed to use it there has been no reaction whatsoever from the dog, so I'm wanting to find out if it's working, or if I have bought a lemon.


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    "Mosquitone Detector" is a sound measurement app that detects high frequency noises and ultrasonic sounds hard to hear for human ears.


    There must be a free version around.

    Try this one: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/decibel-x-db-sound-level-meter…

    AndroSpectro if you're on the other side of the fence.

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    Check the gadget to see what frequency the sound output is supposed to be and then find a microphone or even check your phones mic specs to see it is capable of detecting that range and record it.

    also depending on how loud the sound is meant to be you could suspend some water and play the sound through it to see if it moves

  • Yep. You have bought a lemon.

    Same as the various snake repellents I've seen people paying stupid prices for.

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    Deaf dog?

    • You'd think so at times. lol

      Definitely not though.

      • Ahhh selective hearing? I have one of those.

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    The ultrasonic dog bark stoppers are worthless. Dogs don't give a shit after about the second time it fires.

    Neighbors had a yapping (fropanity) of a dog, so I tried one of these. The first time the dog yapped, it got startled and looked at it. Second time it went right on yapping like the little (fropanity) that it was.

    Should be able to use an app on your phone that listens for higher frequency sounds that we can't hear.

    Dogs can hear from about 60Hz up to about 45kHz. Humans are only good for up to around 20kHz on a good day.

    Once you have worked out that it is emitting a sound, you should be able to pick up how loud it is with the same app or another. Chances are it's barely above a crowded room dB wise.

    Then, after you have tested all of these things… Return it for your money back. They are pure snake oil.

  • Did you put batteries in it?

    • 🤣🤣🤣

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      Did you put batteries in it?

      The dog or the device?

  • OP, I'd suggest a dog specialist. We had a dog that bark at bikers, etc. After training, now he only does a quiet bark with doorbell only because we allow it.

    You haven't stated why they bark, so I can't suggest anything. Only that if you catch them barking and apply appropriate disincentive (verbally, wet, etc). They will understand that it upsets you.

    Using these kind of devices from an unregulated industry can lead to health issues for your dogs in which your only compensation is vet bills and cost of dog replacement(!).

    • We live on a sloping block, sloping toward the road, so he has a good view of half the street.

      Sadly he thinks the street belongs to him.

      • Ah, sounds like he barks at anything that moves or makes a noise.

        One thing you can do of the following:
        1. Ensure dog understands to not do something. Ie "ah! ah!" With appropriate escalation (ie put into crate, spray with water, etc) so that dog eventually understands to stop doing it on warning.
        2. Ask someone to walk by. If your dog is too comfortable ie recognises family, then find a person your dog doesn't recognise.
        3. You stand near dog but ignoring him.
        4. As your friend walks by.
        5. Reprimand if dog barks.

        Don't tell your friend to meet dog beforehand, etc.

        Do not reward when they don't bark as it may encourage other bad behaviour. Their reward is not being reprimanded.

        It took a couple of weeks when we did it when our dog was young. Depending on age and other factors, it may take a few weeks or months of doing sessions for your dog.

        There's lots of videos online on how to train your dog to not bark.

  • I've tested Speccy and Advanced Spectrum Analyzer (both on Android) and they were both able to capture 18k and 22k Hz frequencies produced by the app named "Frequency Generator".

    I couldn't hear anything and my dog didn't react to these frequencies.

    I can hear from 40Hz to 16k Hz. If I put my ear over the speaker, I can hear the 18k on the left, but not on the right, which might indicate that I am getting old. :(

    • Thanks. :)

  • Thanks all.

  • Our dog didn't really react to an ultrasonic device, but it totally freaked out the cats. Yes, I could actually herd cats with it!
    So my suggestion is to try it out on a cat.

  • What is your dog's name and can you post a photo of him

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