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25.6% off RRP (Including UltraSharp, Professional Monitors) via Student Purchase Program Coupons @ Dell


Greetings everyone, recently I have been helping people out via PM with coupons for this and posted last week with errors, but I believe I found a way for it to work now for everyone.

This seems to be the best way to get products which aren't listed on the Dell eBay site or are on sale for cheap. Perfect for anyone who needs a U or P series monitor, as these aren't on sale very often.


  1. Go to the linked page HERE and click on the "Get Your Coupon" button.
  2. Go to a Temp Mail website such as Cryptogmail and enter the temp mail email on the Dell form and submit.
  3. You should receive a success page and the emails will be sent within a few seconds to your temp mail page.

The coupons are not tied to this temp email, you can use it on your own Dell account or on the Dell website with no link to the temp email.

I have tried this method with a range of browsers and on mobile with success, I really hope it works this time around for everyone to try and reach as many people as possible (I personally have sent hundreds of coupons via PM but hoping it now works for everyone).

There are 2 coupons which are delivered via email, these being save 20% on XPS, Inspiron, Alienware, Monitors & Accessories, and save 7% on discounted bundle offers. These can be stacked together to get 25.6% off RRP.

These is no maximum cap on the discount, so can use this on as many items as you'd like in one order. As this is the main Dell website, you can also use other Dell Advantage coupons, and any order made will also provide a Dell Advantage coupon on its own.

Note: The coupons expire on 31/7/2021 so I would order ASAP.

Some Examples:

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Thanks so much for helping me with a code last week ;-)

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  • Does this work on gaming monitors

    • Works but it will remove any current promotion :)). So like OP said, better with RPP items

  • How long roughly until the coupon codes come through?

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      It's almost close to instant, I have just sent you a pair to save you some time.

  • Do these coupons only work for students?

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      No need to be a student for this one.

      • I put the temp email in both fields ticked the box but got this error Oops something went wrong, please click on the FAQ.

        then I change the domain of the first field to an edu one to see if it worked which it did though im pretty sure the coupons went there since the temp email is still showing 0 inbox. Thanks for sharing anyway! I was looking at the 34 inch ultrawide on ebay before but I cant find much about it, have never used a curved monitor and wonder if the va panel with ultrawide causes colour problems.

        • +1

          I'm not too sure about the colour accuracy of the monitors, however I have just generated a coupon for you and sent it to your inbox in case you need it :)

  • Thanks! Very tempting, especially on products that don't discount much.

    If you have saved the Amex offer, spend $1,000 get $120 back, expiring on 17/Aug.

  • Noob here, first time buying monitors. What are other models similar to U2520D(UltraSharpe QHD USB-C) in 27-inch?

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      • Thanks! can you advise if this will charge a laptop through the USB-C? The laptop charger is 65W.

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          Yes, I’ve got this exact monitor connected directly to a MacBook Pro 2016 via the supplied USB-C cable.

          Under load, there’s no discharge. As it should as the monitor supplies up to 90W.

      • Is height adjustable?

        • Yes, along with tilt, swivel and pivot.

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        1440p? Yeesh 🤮

  • Ha wow.. saving $1600 on an XPS…

    Do I need a new XPS…

    • Which one?

  • +1

    doweyy you're the best!

    • doweyy is the best.

      I saved $1500 on my new 77" LG C1 OLED thanks to him / her.
      doweyy is a superhero !

  • It's just a unique code right, not account bound? Need to buy a couple of monitors but under an ABN.

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      Yep, open coupon for any account and not bound to anything.

  • Awesome, thanks! Worked perfectly!!!

  • Why do you need a one time email? Can you not just use your regular email?

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      You can use your own email if you want, I just put the one time email in there just in case your primary email gets spam from this (I doubt it if you don't tick the box).

  • Need a warranty upgrade? How's that work?

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      Add the item to your cart and then on the next page it goes to "Service Selection". On that page you can select extended warranties, add it and proceed to checkout. The coupon will discount the warranty also.

      • Ok so it's just an extended warranty. You get 3 years even without including that, am I right?

        • +1

          Yes it's just an extended warranty, on monitors you should usually get the:

          • 3-Years Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Guarantee
  • This 'student' wants that U4021QW

  • Does it work on UP2720Q?

    • +1

      Yes, comes to $1,644.24.

      • Thanks for testing

    • Do you know what the difference between U and UP version? Is it worth the premium color panel? Thanks.

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        UP series is for critical color requirements when editing photos which are intended for printing or color-grading of videos. Notice it says 100% AdobeRGB and other color gamut standards. It''s a niche market and pricey. UP2720Q has a in-built colorimeter (used to calibrate the display colour) which is the first ever monitor to do so otherwise people have to buy an external one from X-Rite or DataColor Spyder which costs another $300-500

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    Brings the U3219Q down to $1,147.26. Not bad at all for a monitor that barely ever goes on sale.

    Thanks for this, doweyy!

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      I've got this monitor .. it's amazing .. but i got it from Dell refurb (with all the 3 yr warranties) for under $800

      • Wow that is a good deal! Sadly it's never listed on their outlet though (and I've been checking almost daily).

        Do you think it's still worth it at the higher price? I'm considering getting two of them.

        • Depends what resolution you use? I use mine @4k connected to a laptop and using the dell display monitor application you can chop up the screen however you want and it's more than enough for me .. 2 would seem too much to me

          • @droodle: Hmmm definitely would use 4K. I use one monitor for personal use, the other for work, hence getting two of them. Lucky I've got a few more days to mull it over.

      • I just bought this one for $1027, applied 2 discount codes + Amex statement credit, spend $1000 get $120 back. Love it!

    • U3219Q or U4320Q? Price is similar, any suggestion?

  • OP had previously helped me with a coupon as well. Thanks Mate.
    I ended up ordering the P series as UltraSharp was way out of my league.

  • Tried combining with this: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639795, but only the 7% off worked :(. Seems like the 20% off doesn't work with already discounted (as stated in email).

  • Any experience or opinions about U2720D vs P2721Q? Around $200 difference but specs seem similar?

  • Any email I try says I'm not eligible for this promotion. Primary or personal email address?

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      Looks like they've nuked it already unfortunately, will mark it as expired.

      • Ah damn, thanks anyway.

        • +1

          Please PM me, I have one code I can provide to you still :)

  • I'm getting "Oops! It looks like the email address submitted may not qualify for the current promotion."

    Anyone still have a coupon?

  • Anyone have a coupon they don't plan on using?

  • If I use these two coupons, will I still be able to get some % back with Cash reward?

    • Nope. Got 0% ShopBack

  • +1

    Yeah, sadly I'm getting the "Oops! It looks like the email address submitted may not qualify for the current promotion."

    • Yeah me too. Regardless of email address.

      Doh.How did I not notice EXPIRED!

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    Have you guys tried this? I posted it elsewhere.

    Save 20% off on XPS, Inspirion, Alienware, Monitors & Accessories

    Promo Code: DVM$RV8RQ4JT?C


    Extra 7%off any discounted products

    Promo Code: QGNVC55NBKCTRT

    • This coupon has already been redeemed!!!

      • Oh, my bad. Thought it could be used more than once. As it didn't state in the email.

  • Codes show already redeemed.

  • You snooze you loose!!! Was looking for dell 34/38 inch monitor with USB-C last night for good couple of hours. Didn’t get any discount / deal. Slept. First thing in the morning I come across this post with Expired. 😳😞

    • Same, deciding between U3421WE and U3821DW, read and watched a few reviews last night. Good discounts but still expensive.

      Currently using U2719DC, a little difficult to justify spending $1,000+ to upgrade from that. Main feature I want from the 34/38 is KMV, and perhaps integrated speakers to tidy up the desk a bit (not after sound quality).

      Still undecided this morning, thought to just grab the coupon to think about it, but no need now. :D

      • Would U consider the aw3821dw? It was on sale for 1299 yesterday. I'm guessing might be similar to the u3821dw?

        • Probably not, the design is a bit over the top. Also the V stand creates a very large footprint. I put monitor on a stand/platform, so I can put keyboard/mouse underneath when not in use, the V looks like it will stick out. No integrated speakers, the main feature I'm after is virtual KMV which it doesn't seem to have (even though it does have an upstream port, need more research but no point if I already don't like it).

          There's no immediate need to upgrade, but this deal came along and I have the Amex offer, that's why I was a little enticed. Guess will wait for a better deal.

  • Thanks OP! I am glad I got the code first when i saw this last night. Just pulled the trigger on ultrawide P3421, not as good as the U, but has everything I need, USB-C PD, KVM. for 700 bucks, it is a fantastic deal. Really looking forward to it even it looks like it will take a while to deliver.

  • Unsure if the previously given out codes still work, but I’ve decided not to buy so PM me if you want to try it

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