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Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition ~ $67.45 Delivered. Ninja Gaiden 3 CE ~ $98.39


With OHNX over, street fighter x tekken looks to be the next big game for tournaments.


42.85 pounds, with shipping 43.84 pounds

Lets say the 1 aussie is 0.65 uk pounds. That makes the game 67.45 aussie dollars.

ebgames is trying to sell it for 128 aussie dollars!


also for those that are interested in ninja gaiden 3:


62.95 pounds. with shipping 63.94 pounds

in aussie dollars: 98.39 aussie dollars.

ebgames = 148!!!


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    whats the difference between this and the standard edition for SF X TK


    Agree with the massive price difference, i pre-ordered mine at EB Games and also with Diablo 3, i think it was just the spur of the moment thing.

    Just be weary that when you buy games from the UK, although PS3 games are region free, DLC (downloadable content) are NOT region free. Meaning if you buy a game in the UK (Region 2 i believe), if you want to buy any DLC's you'll have to create a UK PSN Account and then buy a UK PSN Store credit FROM the UK (or ebay or similar sources) in order to purchase any content.

    Other than that, great idea buying it from UK but i'm a Gen Y and i want it now, so i'll get mine from EB Games rather than waiting =P

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      This is not always the case, and normally not. The only UK PAL game I can think of that won't work with the AUS PSN store is Uncharted 2. No doubt there are more but I am pretty sure the majority will allow Australian downloads and I have never encountered any problems. The US and JP stores are definitely like you say though.


    Found this link and price is AU $56.99 delivered :)


    ***Note this is not the special edition

    well i dont think there's a problem. I bought Batman Arkham city from ozgameshop and still able download DLC. It's worth the wait.


    these games are too expensive. i am sure the price will drop pretty sure. on the other hand, i prefer people can spot and link to those good games at low prices (under $40,say). just like what Kirt always does. otherwise, you can list everything sold on Zavvi here, because almost everything is cheaper than you can find in EBgames in australia.


      Yes but these are collector's/limited edition which may or may not sell out before a price drop.


      Just wait for the next update version of the game. Happened to Street Fighter 4 and Marvel 3. I'm not surprised if they do it to this game as well.


    just wait a lil bit, Ultimate Super duper complete edition Street Fighter X Tekken coming soon.. trust me


    Agree with everyone about the frequent updates and forcing everyone to buy the same game with 2-4 new characters.. certainly doesn't warrant a whole new game to be purchased, just have them as DLC's


    Its a great price as usual with Zavvi, however the budget carrier they use is very brutal with parcels…. quite often collectors edition I buy from them arrive all banged up, even ones with hardas cases like Starcraft 2 and Witcher 2 CEs received denting damage in the box from transporter mishandling. In comparison OZgameshop and Amazon (USA) have been much better. I only wish Zavvi offered a better postage option, I don't mind paying $5 - $10 more for it to arrive in better shape.


    Ninja gaiden 3 collectors edition now out of stock!!!

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