PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X Stock Availability / Speculation Thread

This thread is to report stock availability / speculation / rumours for upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console availability.

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  • Merged from [Unobtainable Deal] Playstation 5 Disc Edition Console $749 (Today at 10am) @ Big W
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    Facebook's PS5 gaming community group is reporting that there MIGHT be a large drop of PS5's onto the BigW website at 10am.

    I know this is not locked in BUT if you are desperate for one it might pay to be ready and keep checking the site a few times? There are a lot of people on this group who are setting up Big W accounts as we speak!

    Article below

    Mod: Moved to forum, the deal did not go ahead at 10am. Unobtainable deal.

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      Thanks for posting

    • Yes my spider senses were tingling this morning.

      • Life is long. Stay optimistic. :)

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      I'll be checking Amazon also. Last time they had this almost at the same time.

    • Prep with discounted gift cards if willing to take the risk of it not happening

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        I don't think you will have time to enter your gift card and pin before they all gone. Better just buy with credit card and save those for the groceries.

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        Gift cards… haha once the stock is available online it will takes around 30secs until they are gone. You will not have time for anything than a blazing pre-filled checkout and that is if you are lucky….

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          JB just had a shipment this week. Stores have taken names down and even then a few stores had consoles to sell yesterday. Sold quick tho

          I'm not in a rush so might just wait till end of year when Infinite releases

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            I'm not in a rush so might just wait

            What a mature patient attitude to have. Very rare around here.

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            @docmartin: Be still my beating heart…

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      there MIGHT be a large drop of PS5's onto the BigW website

      I might be able to buy something 95cents cheaper than RRP! Amazing! /s

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      May the odds be ever in your favour.

      • That was totally in Effie's accent in my head!

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      Thanks for posting this. Now that it's on ozbargain I have less chance of getting one V_V

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        But would you have known about it without this post?

        keanu meme

        • Yeah I knew about it though following various twitter accounts that monitor ps5 stocks

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      Shhhh they are all mine .

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      Not a deal, sorry.

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      This is a bargain because ???

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        … you dont have PS5.

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          I've had my PS5 sitting in the cupboard since I bought it in November — didn't have a 4K tv to connect it to so didn't see the point. Also lack of exclusive games that actually show off the hardware is another reason it's still put away.. I'm waiting for Horizon Forbidden West.

    • Rumours only atm

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      Not a bargain rumours

    • I want a digital only edition just for FF14.

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      Am I on OzMightBeStockTodayAtRRP??

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      Keep it classy people - and Ozbargain-community minded.

      There are a lot of people here looking for PS5's. If I can get a few of them locked in by giving them the inside line on a "potential" drop of new stock then I will put up with the rubbish re: it being full-priced, not a bargain or that its a rumour!

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        Shouldn’t a rumour go into the forum?

      • What about me, it isn't fair
        I've had enough now I want my share
        Can't you see I wanna live
        But you just take more than you give

        By Shannon Noll or Moving Pictures, depending on your age.

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          well it was always 'by' Moving Pictures.. just covered by Shannon Noll (Moving Pictures appreciate the royalties Shannon).

      • It is a rumour and rumours belong in the forums.

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      rumour is not a deal/bargain

    • The way this is going the site will crash anyway unless they've prepared for the thousands of simultaneous clicks

    • I've been placed into a waiting lounge on Big W's website after searching for PS5

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      Interesting how people commenting/negging/being sarcastic about this not being a "bargain" when XBX or PS5 is in stock with RRP but allowing/upvoting all sort of GPU "in stock" posts even they are above the RRP?

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        but they have stock and are confirmed - vs a rumour …………

        • he said

          even they are above the RRP?

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      yeppa in waiting queue as well …

    • Fake News first thing on the website is "No PS5's are for sale" at 9:58

    • You are in a Waiting Lounge

      Due to a very high number of shoppers on our website, you have been placed in the Waiting Lounge. We will get you shopping as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

      We'll let you know when you can start shopping. There is no need to refresh your browser.


    • People STOP F5ing

    • I was briefly in the waiting lounge but back on the product page now at 9.56 AEST. Why do I get the feeling I'm going to miss out yet again…

      • Did you refresh or did it just pop up automatically?

        • I hit refresh, against the instructions of the website!

          Both phone and PC browser are back in the waiting lounge again.

    • And………… the website it down

    • Here for the comments. Think I’ll just wait it out. PS5 games are currently ridiculously priced anyway

    • its already sold out

    • LMAO. There’s a login queue.

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      theres no units today ask the contact team and get it confirmed

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      Sold Out already. geez

    • Please note no units today 😂😂😂

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      Lol soldout

    • was never in stock, bullshit post

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        Was never confirmed either, bullshit comment

    • "Please note BIG W will NOT be offering any PS5 consoles for sale today"

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      Fake news!!

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      Please note BIG W will NOT be offering any PS5 consoles for sale today. For all other purchases, we will get you shopping as soon as possible.

      damn, another half an hour wasted!

    • No drop today.

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      well that was fun, at least the index finger got a workout. more exercise than most days

    • Server Crashed

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      I believe OP was responsible for Big W decision not to sell the PS5 today

    • Bumsteer

    • all your fault, crashed the site

    • fail

    • Lies, lies!

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      it didn't happen and the big w website is down.

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      we ozbargained their site based on a rumour

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        Nah, OzBargain was late to the party. Peeps on twitter already got wind of it,.

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      Bought 10, thanks OP :p

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      All future Ps5 console deals should be put in the competition/game of chance section of OzB, it's the Hunger Games to get one.

    • Well that was disappointing.

    • still no PS5

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      Better luck picking up a living, breathing unicorn

    • Need to change the title now, no stock today.

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      I've already got one

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      Why this"deal" was allowed to be posted? Is it OZrumor now?
      such rumor should be banned, thousands people's time has been wasted, and normal shopping activities on big w website were also affected.

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        Oh the OzHumanity!

    • fake

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    Why is this pinned to the top?

    • Probably to discourage "rumour" deals due to the Press-Start article popping between now and the supposed tomorrow 10am drop and being constantly removed by mods. Only my guess

    • thought everyone got one already.

  • There is a claim that there were 2,000 units but they were scalped.

    • Followed your link, saw the comments LKOT, do you know what it means? :D

      • i also noticed this when reading the article. Googling comes back with nothing. Must be some discord chat code.