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    It's amazing how many garbage-tier magazines there are. I have a few subscriptions to various services through local libraries and 99% of magazines are complete rubbish.

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      99% of magazines are complete rubbish.

      Just bookmark the 1% that aren't

      Each person will have a different 1%…


      It's the end of an era, I got 4 months free from Readly and most tech magazines with hacks and tips are just telling you how you can right-click to access a menu to change a wallpaper. Or something like that… Of course Magazines like APU for tech and some other ones are well worth the read.


        "welcome to tech magazine aug 2021 edition, this month we explore the interenet, or the information super highway!"


          thanks for the heads-up…

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    You can also get free access to thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world using your local library membership…

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      Cool story


      Yep, you get access to all the 'mainstream' ones for the most part, unsure on niche as I don't read any.

      Libby (Overdrive) is all you need (+ library card…).


    As a kid I loved video game magazines…Hyper, PCPowerPlay etc.

    But now it just doesn’t make sense reading news and reviews months after it’s been posted online.


      You're not wrong. Magazines are archaic, but so are newspapers and they are still kicking.

      GameInformer is the only one I casually read, I like some of their features and holding something physical is nice. Edge can be good too.


      I loved the CD's they came with because they had free software.
      Shame there's nowhere to get that these days 😔😂


    can you get $8 via shopback for this ? mine didnt track yet.