Am I in The Wrong Here? (Changing Lanes)

What is the etiquette here?

I have been taking a new route to work due to living in a new suburb. I usually stick to the left lane of a two lane same directional road. (60km/hr)

I have been realising that cars are parked on the left so I have tried to get back into the right lane. (Then will return to my left lane after I have passed the parked car if it is clear)

My indicator has been given (Decent signal I thought), I have signalled and tried to get into the right lane only for that person to all of a sudden speed up and close the gap on me, making me jump back into the left lane.

I beeped, because well I thought it was shit form, and they pulled up beside me at the next traffic light and gave me a mouthful about how I was in the wrong and screaming at me using profanity saying they did not have to let me in….
Mind you this person also had their business stickers plastered all over the car.

Am I the asshole for wanting to change lanes and expecting them to let me in?

Do you allow cars in or do you also speed up to close that gap on them?

Edit 1: Agree that I was in the wrong, I just took offensive to the fact that they decided to speed up not to let me in. Thanks for your comments and replies. Next time I will just stay in the right lane on a road that is below 80km/hr. Cheers


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    They should be courteous but you should also be aware of parked cars and lanes.

    See this link. There are situations on who should give way and when.


      For the month I have not seen cars parked on the left. It was a downhill slop as well, so it made it difficult to see the cars from a big distance.

      The lady behind him, was lovely enough to let me in. Most times if I ever find myself in a situation like that I even signal a thank-you.

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        It's illegal to speed up and block someone from entering the lane. Can't remember the exact rule sorry.

        Editing to point out I'm not saying it's OK to force your way into a lane after indicating. If there is a sufficient gap after you indicate and the person speeds up to close that gap, they are actually breaking a road rule.

        Also you could have been ticketed for excessive use of horn for beeping him. While it hasn't happened to me I've heard of people being booked for honking at a friend they saw on a sidewalk.

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    Ofcos the unspoken etiquette would have been to let you in but by the book the guy had the first right to his lane and he wasn’t required to slow down so you could get infront of him..
    I have been in similar situations as we have all, its mildly frustrating in the moment but I wouldn’t have beeped at him coz he didn’t do much wrong tbh..

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      I beeped, because I felt as soon as I hit that indicator, he decided to punch the gas. I thought that was fairly shit tbh.

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        100% it was, clearly the guy is a dckhead.. I am with you on that..

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          lets get this straight the other driver may or may not be a dick for not letting op in (We only know OP's side of the story)

          But OP is definitely a dick for beeping just to show that they are frustrated?

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            @Gimli: Yeah, the op was in the wrong by beeping at the other driver. Regardless, its a non-issue when you think about it

            But he seems like a young driver and hopefully he will learn from all the responses he’s been getting on this thread..

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              @Gervais fanboy: Nah, beeping was warranted in this case.
              Speeding up just to cut someone off who's infront of you is just a dikc move. Here's the thing, people here think you're in the wrong when that is not true. Eg/ If he had to go over the speed limit (eg 75kph) just to catch up to you (60kph) and block you from merging, then it means it was him who needed to slow down or stay (60kph) in speed. It's like a zipper, when cars merge into one lane.

              Not to mention, these types of people get accustomed to their behaviour. Mostly in part because no-one ever beeps at them, gives them a mouthful, or challenges them etc. Case in point: my old roomate used to do this all the time. After being pulled over by a cop and getting ticketed a few times, well, he became paranoid and stopped driving as dangerously. Still a shit driver though.

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                @Kangal: I guess it comes down to whether you thinking people change their behavior because you beep them. I think you are just feeding the troll and its distracting and annoying everyone else around you.

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                  @Gimli: You might be right, a single beep might achieve nothing.

                  My point was that the "silent majority" usually doesn't matter. You need people to speak up and point things out to a reasonable standard. Societal pressure is something that definitely works, just look at modern day Japanese people/culture.

                  I know people don't agree with me, and they're free to neg as they please. However, I sincerely believe the above to be true.

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                @Kangal: You are being negged by people who seed up to cut people off, and who knew it would be half of respondents 😳

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              @Gervais fanboy: i am actually fairly experienced on the road, and I am not that young. I actually just thought I would do the right thing, on a new road I have not really travelled on. No cars parked before or even after those 2 cars parked.

              Might have been a odd occasion as I did mention those occupants were out of the car on this occasion.
              I drove down there again today and no cars for the entire stretch of about 5kms.

              So I guess i just picked the wrong time to be in the left, in saying that, many cars were behind me also, so maybe it was just an odd occasion those cars were parked there.

              Yeah I probably shouldn't have beeped but it just felt like an absolute dick move to speed up.

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                @iNeed2Pee: People in the right/"fast" are lane, often think anyone who's trying to beat them in the left/slow lane are trying to "beat" them, as such they try and cut people off, and thinking that they are "cheats" and by not waiting in line. Welcome to the world of discourteous driving


            @Gimli: How is OP being a dick for beeping?
            If someone speeds up to cut you off then its normal for people to get frustrated..
            Obviously we shouldn't use horns for situations like this, but the reality is when people are frustrated this happens. I don't think it means they're being a dick, i think it's just a reaction to a dick.

            If someone in front of me indicates, ill slow down to let them in, unless im right next to them in which case i might speed up depending on what else is happening. Dunno why people have to be such tools in cars, imagine if people acted like this when walking around.


              @wozz: People beep way too much and it doesn't change anything.
              Just saying if someone thinks what they are doing is right or maybe they know its wrong and are just being a dick beeping them doesn't change anything.

              Why should the rest of the road users need to be disturbed by your need to beep to vent your frustration.

              I should say my pet peeve is the opposite of this situation. When those dick drivers beep people who change into "their lane".

              As I said before I think I'm bit biased against beeping. I only ever use it to wake up drivers asleep at the lights



                People beep way too much and it doesn't change anything.

                In India and Thailand, beeping is so common, it’s generally seen as a way to let others know you are close to avoid an accident. Also mostly as beep as road “etiquette”.

                In Australia however the meaning and usage of the horn takes it to another level.

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                  @SF3: yep I've been on the roads in India and Sri Lanka and I know what you mean. Horn is used instead of the indicator. But organisation of roads is a different story. People are cutting across lanes all the time and you have way more bikes.
                  I don't have any issues people using a horn as a warning its what its there for.

                  But as you say in Aus with roads better than those countries and much better traffic regulation etc people seem to drive safely without having to.


                @Gimli: Yehh ok i see your point. I do also think people are nuggets for using horn excessively, also no one should have the right to "police" others if they think they're doing the wrong thing.. and who knows maybe there is a reason.

                I still wouldnt go so far as saying they're a dick :) but could see why you say that

                Have also been to other countries where its normal for everyone to beep relentlessly.. thankfully our culture isn't quite at that point, though it's pretty bad in sydney

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        It might be poor form and rude of the other car, but given that you're the one changing lanes, you have to give way, he doesn't have the obligation to let you in.

        Sometimes, you just have to act fast.

        Indicating doesn't mean you have the auto right to move where ever.

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        as soon as I hit that indicator, he decided to punch the gas

        Welcome to Australia.

        As others have said, it'd be polite if they let you in but legally you need to give way and ensure you change lanes safely.

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        I would say stay out of my lane. I drive to work from hawthorn to south Yarra and this type of driving annoys me and slows down the right lane when not required, merging slows down everybody so either know your lanes or stick to trains/trams

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          Jeez, I did not realise you own the road lol?

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              @Iwantthebestprice: Wouldn't that slow down the traffic? Rather than use both lanes, you are suggesting that the best thing to do is to stay in the right lane…meaning that all moving traffic has just 1 lane.

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            @iNeed2Pee: I see you start off one of your post saying "I'm a patient driver" we come from 2 different realities lol nothing bad with that but people are either patient or impatient


              @Iwantthebestprice: The funny thing is…I am normally in the correct lane haha. I see people go behind a bus and then expect to merge.

              I guess being a new road for me, I am still getting used to the different routes to go to work and knowing where cars are parked. I assume those cars are not normally there though because I also had many cars behind me in my lane.

              Was only two cars and i believe the occupants were standing outside the car. No standing after that for about 100meters then was clear all the way.

              I am on notice for next time!

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                @iNeed2Pee: This happens, in inner city area we have alot of clear way zones so this makes it easier since you know cars won't be there, but in your case it seems cars will just be there random times. It gets hard with that. Inner city with bus, trams and parking most people stay right and when someone goes left and tryd to change to right it's frustrating because a while lane stops for this one person trying to skip, but this does not sound like you, so all good, but anyone reading this, when you do the above and someone beeps you or has a go at u at the traffic light you deserve everything you get! Stay right or get ready to be cut off or told your place!

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        Punch the gas 🙄

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        this is why you should never indicate. just merge quickly so he doesn't get the chance to speed up.

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        So you didn't really indicate for long before merging. It was kinda a dick move by the car to your right, but you should give plenty of notice that you intend to merge so their should not have been any issue with him speeding up to get past before you merged even though ti was rude.

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    Some people think their world will end if they let you into their lane, thats just how they are.
    In a situation like you explain i would just stay in the inner lane rather than changing lanes all the time.

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    Without dashcams or an MSPaint digram we'll never know.

    Unfortunately 1 side of the story isn't enough.

    on roads of 60km/h you are allowed to stay in the right lane btw, anything 90km/h and above (in WA) you have to say left

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      Without dashcams or an MSPaint diagram we'll never know.

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      "anything 90km/h and above (in WA) you have to say left"….yeah. Like THAT ever happens…[sigh!!]
      I'm a professional driver (medical pathology courier) in Perth, and I would estimate that an absolute maximum of 10% of drivers in Perth actually know and comply with this rule. The worst offenders in my experience are tradesmen's utes and small-to-medium delivery trucks. If you are in the vicinity of a tradesman towing a heavily-laden trailer, you can guarantee that he will determinedly (and illegally) occupy the outer right-hand lane. It's as if their manhood is challenged by the concept of driving their heavy load in the inner lanes.
      As always, the most compliant and aware drivers are almost all heavy trucks.


        As always, the most compliant and aware drivers are almost all heavy trucks

        You'll know this is not true if you've ever driven in Melbourne


      80 and above its keep left in nsw. But below 80 you can stay in the right. Was a bit silly to be chopping and changing like that

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        80 and above its keep left in nsw.

        It's actually roads with limits "above 80km/h" (so that doesn't include roads that have an 80km/h limit).

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          Came here to see someone say it’s 80 and above and then point out that they are wrong. you beat me to it aha


          Nope 80 and above

          According to Transport for NSW, drivers must stay in the left lane when the speed limit is 80km/h or more on NSW multi-lane roads.

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            @preddye: That's just for people 'over sixty'. The rest of us will follow NSW road rules and keep left when the speed limit is OVER 80 kph (or otherwise sign posted).


            @preddye: They've written it incorrectly in text of the article, but the animated video by Transport for NSW is correct when it says "…with a speed limit of more than 80km/h…"


            @preddye: That text refers to the video from Transport Australia and the video states ‘over 80km/hr”.

            Danielle has incorrectly stated “80km/hr or over”.

            I wonder if she actually watched the video.


        This is not correct.

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    dont expect other driver to give way just because you give indication wanting to change lane.

    either slow down or speed up and change lane.

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    You're not in the wrong in wanting and indicating to enter the right lane, but you were wrong in beeping at the other drive who didn't let you in if you beeped because you viewed what they did as wrong. When you beeped, the other drive interpretted it as if they did something wrong, which technically, they didn't do anything wrong. However, I assume you beeped because you interpretted them speeding up as being a dik move, in which case you're right.

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      That is exactly why I beeped. I mean I could have been one of those drivers and just completely cut him off using the gap I had as some have mentioned here by acting fast.

      I chose not to be like that and this is how it still ended.

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        By the way you've just described it, its sounds like you were in the wrong.

        You need to drive more defensively, dont expect people to let you in.

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          Hang on.
          I never said I was in the right. I said that it was a shit move speeding up to close the gap on me instead of just letting me in.

          I beeped at him when I got in because he knew exactly what he did wrong.

          If by defensive you mean I need to act faster instead of cautious well then thats silly.

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            Am I in The Wrong Here? (Changing Lanes)

            But you did ask a question that i answered?


              @Drakesy: Yeah fair, I am sorry you did answer it. Might just walk the 2 hours to work 😂.

              Might be better for me in the long run!

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            I beeped at him when I got in because he knew exactly what he did wrong

            Rude / lack of courtesy doesn't mean wrong. Beeping without a good reason however….

            Horns and other warning devices
            You must not use your horn or any other warning device, unless:

            you need to warn other road users about the position of your vehicle
            you need to warn others that you are approaching
            you need to warn animals to get off the road
            it’s part of an anti-theft or alcohol interlock device.
            Never use your horn to scare or intimidate other road users, particularly bicycle riders, pedestrians and horse riders.

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              @Ughhh: Well I needed to warn him to get off the road as he was acting like an Animal 😁


        by all means beep at drivers you think are being diks as long as you understand that being a dik doesn't necessarily mean they did anything legally/technically wrong.

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    were you in a hurry cause u needed to pee?

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      No but I did need to take a sh$%🥴

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        well you need to change your username then


          I too think you need to update your username now. Will be looking out for this.

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    If you indicated with plenty of warning it would be nice for the driver to slow a bit and let you in.

    If you are changing lanes YOU are responsible to give way before changing. Sometimes this means speeding up, slowing or braking at times to give way.

    You can’t assume the other person will slow to let you in. They may not even see you indicating, we all get caught not seeing an indicator from time to time. There is a good chance the other driver is a ‘insert favourite insult’, it’s probably 50/50 wether the other driver will allow you to merge or be a ‘insert favourite insult’, you’ve just got to deal with it and try not to engage if they get all rants at the next lights.

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    I understand they were in the right. I don't agree with the fact that they decided to speed up and close the gap on me.

    I am sure they would not have been too impressed if I did that to them.

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      There's no "right of way" on Australian roads.
      There is safe and legal driving, and then there is breaking the road rules.


        When changing lanes, you must give way to vehicles in the lane you’re moving into.

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          OP didn't need to give way because there wasn't a vehicle in the lane he was turning into. It was safe for him to do so, and he had signalled. The other vehicle sped and broke the road rules (speeding) in order to block the OP and make it unsafe for him to merge. Had there been a policeman present, OP would have been alright and the other motorist would've been fined for speeding and fined again for reckless driving.

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            @Kangal: You are making a lot of assumptions. We don't know if the other driver was speeding or not, and how far they were behind OP. Accelerating to close a gap is not necessary speeding, and they don't have to make it safe for them to merge. OP was not in a merging lane.

            Nonetheless, let's assume they went over allowed speed. You still need to give away to vehicles that are speeding when you are moving to their lane. Ideally, you first check your mirrors and blind spots, if safe you indicate, wait a few secs, and you change if it is safe. If somebody appears during that time while you are indicating you just need to wait a bit extra. It is simple as that.


              @Mistredo: No, I get it. My points are true when the obvious assumptions taken are fact.

              If OP is just a slow driver. If the other driver wasn't speeding. If the gap between them was actually small to begin with. In those respects, OP is clearly in the wrong. I got the impression that none of these were the case, but cannot verify since there is no video.

              I've experienced what OP has experienced, with the assumptions I've made earlier. And its just a case of; not only poor-etiquette but also breaking the road rules. And while most people don't do it, it is fairly common. The road rules states that you have a duty to operate a vehicle in a safe manner, so yes, you cannot cut-off a vehicle that is disregarding all rules and speeding. However, if you did, a policeman won't fine you, they will fine the dissident. If there was a car accident, your insurance will either honor your side, or find both parties at partial fault. Really depends on the details.


    I have seen people put the nose into the lane as they're indicating. The other vehicle has to slow down to avoid a collision. If you were to do it, of course, you would be in the wrong in the case of an accident, but in reality, most people would slow down to avoid the hassle of an accident even if they had a dashcam.


      I have seen people put the nose into the lane as they're indicating

      Possibly because they expect the other person to speed up and cut them off. Risky move though, especially if the other car is a bomb and the driver couldn't care less or has anger issues.

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    Screaming profanity at someone because they wanted to change lanes and you wouldn't let them is ridiculous.
    Doing it in a business car is stupidity.
    If you're bored you could report them to their company on social media for lols.
    People with serious anger issues probably shouldn't have company stickers all over their car…

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    What is the etiquette here?

    Etiquette, common sense, courtesy, etc would say that they just let you in.

    Technically and rule-wise, you come out and there's a collision, then you're at fault.

    (And for the record, I hate fwits that speed up to cut someone off like that).

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    It sounds like they were being a dck but people generally don't like giving way or having another car in front. I'm pretty tolerant but I hate it when people whizz up beside you to squeeze in front when there's a massive gap behind you that they could have easily slotted in to. In that case, I would speed up and close the gap too just to spite them….this may very well have been the case in your situation, hard to tell from your side of the story.

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      No I get you, I checked my mirror and noticed that there was a steady stream of cars in the right lane.
      I saw the opportunity with the gap and decided to put my indicator on early rather then late. Looked back in the mirror and saw him gas it which then made me double think, the lady behind him let me in and I was thankful to her.

      In my moment of anger I beeped at the guy.

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        Yeah that's pretty shit then.
        Sometimes you're better off just flicking it on quickly and not giving them the chance to react.

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        If the right lane is about to turn right, you need to turn right otherwise you will miss the right turn, in that case, a friendly driver will give way although the driver have no obligation. I will give if someone want to get in the right lane if I know right turn is coming soon, as sometime I will be desperate to change lane if I am in that situation. Although I don't expect other driver to give way to me if I want to merge into a faster right lane. If I see a decent gap, I will try to change lane, but I wouldn't give the other person a horn if that person doesn't allow me to get in, I will just wait for the next opportunity.


          Yeah, it's about safe driving. If you see the guy speeding up past the speed limit to block you merging then don't do anything rash, let them go up, slow your speed down. In the end if you speed up and go in front of then, then they are probably gonna get pissed and ride on your ass the whole way plus breaking the law (in QLD I think it’s not allowed to speed to merge). This happens to me a lot, I drive a small sports car and a lot of the di**heads on the roads get super defensive of their lane when they see me signalling. QLD speaking. lmao, I had people forcefully push me out of the lane I was mering to, when I was ahead and already in the lane. Personally, I think how people get their licenses here is very flawed and way too easy. Other countries have much harder systems which I think is way better, directly reflects the poor driving etiquette I see here every day.

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    I thought it was shit form

    It is shit form on their behalf. Drivers like this don't realise that they lose 1 car length but make the roads safer in the process.

    I beeped

    Well, that is just inviting road rage. And, unless it was in an emergency or to signal your approach, it's against the road rules. (Road Rule 224)

    how I was in the wrong and screaming at me using profanity saying they did not have to let me in….

    Again, a dick move on their behalf and traffic flow would be better if people just gave and inch from time to time, but, technically, they are right IF you are moving from one marked lane (or line of traffic) to another (Road Rule 148).

    Do you allow cars in

    90% of the time, yes. The only time I don't is when everyone else has been lined up patiently and some a-hole tries to jump a queue by scooting down a lane that isnt intended for what they are doing.

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    The other car is the (profanity)

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    I think you are in the wrong. You know there are going to be parked cars ahead in the left lane, so you choose to continuously merge left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right so you can skip a few cars and save a few seconds on your journey. Just sit in the right lane. Constant mergers and lane zigzagers are a hazard on the road.


      I did not see the cars in the left lane, it was a downhill slope and I was unaware. When I saw it, I put the indicator on.

      After about 100meters no cars were in that lane for about 5km. So i was not zig zaging..going left, right, left, right. Not sure what you are on about to be honest.

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    Lock downs in Sydney have made people more agro if you ask me.

    A few weeks back I needed to go into the left lane to turn left and indicated, sped up a little to put some distance between me and the car in the left lane and changed in with at least 3-4 car lengths between us (60kmph limit) with plenty of distance before needing to brake into corner and I got flashed then beeped. There was absolutely no risk of collision, need for them to brake or anything more than another object on the road they needed to track.

    The "offended" party then kept trying to pull up beside me for the next couple of lights which I just hung back at and shook my head at them not trying to help facilitate a road rage incident. Not trying to boast but they were more likely to have ended up in hospital from such a conflict, not me.


    OP, you got schooled IRL with OzB rulez. 😆

    As you were new to that road, you should have put on your OzB L plate.

    “Please be kind, first time posting driving here”. You know the rest…


      I've been waiting for you to back me up, I knew the second I posted I was going to regret it haha.

      I also knew it would have been too dog to remove the forum…
      "Op requested"


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        You can be more anti fragile from your experience and not become another DisabledUser543210 :)

        How’s your new house btw?

        • +1 vote

          Yeah it's really good thanks:)
          Been under the weather so haven't done too much yet. But jeez am I enjoying the fact that I don't have to look at another for sale ad, no more inspections killing off my Saturdays.

          Hope your well!

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    Sometimes in that situation you have to be able to anticipate the other drivers and do some evasive driving before the last second so that you don't cause issues like this, if this road continues to have people parking in that Lane just avoid that Lane as much as possible, but usually you need to be defensive and quick enough to merge without too much frustration to other drivers on the road, and you have to expect some drivers will not let you in that's just Life, so you just have to be quicker to merge.

    Enjoy city driving

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      You should always be looking ahead, and by ahead I mean more than just the car Infront of you.

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    I know people may disagree here, but why not just stay in the right lane? I know you want to do the right thing, but you’ll open yourself to these situations, which may ultimately lead to a bingle.

    PS: I obviously don’t condone this on freeways with people hogging the far right overtaking lane.

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    Without dashcam hard to decide but I think the man didn't want to brake, thinking he was already too close to let you in and thought he would just push on and pass you so you could safely merge behind him. Then he was upset you beeped at him.

    My solution is an invention (that right now people don't like): A Communicator in the car, a short range radio communication that allows drivers within say 20 metres to speak to each other. If it's turned on you immediately hear what people say and you press a button to reply (the button lights up red to alert you you are being broadcasted to nearby cars that also have Communicators on board).

    This allows people to tell you their intentions, ask for directions, alert you about defect tail lights,…

    People say they don't want it because of abuse and swearing, road rage etc. But don't forget in shopping malls we can all speak to each other and people don't abuse each other (too much..) and you can ask people the time or tell them toilet paper is hanging out of their pants…

    Vote 1 Wally


      People are more brazen when they feel sheltered from retaliation, secure in a car, behind a keyboard etc compared to a face to face confrontation in a shopping mall.
      There would be plenty of abuse going on over a 2 way radio should everyone get one.


    "and expecting them to let me in?"

    Never expect anything. It's courtesy yes but you seriously can't expect anything from Australia drivers.

    Just see the parked cars coming and speed/slow so you can merge without causing anyone in the right lane to have to decelerate or even hit the brakes, indicate and go.


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    The cars traveling in the right lane have right of way and need not give way.

    However road courtesy would suggest that someone will give way even though they have right of way

    Problem is that many moron Australian drivers are obsessed with their right of way and care not about road courtesy (at the expense of road safety) until it suddenly applies to them.

    Meanwhile OP must take care in changing lanes and avoid any accidents.
    probably better to stick in the right hand lane


    On SA roads, lanes were kept in the family and were fiercely guarded. Changing into another’s lane was considered an affront and generally punished.
    We now have a road rule that if your car is forward of another and you indicate they must let you in.
    Isn’t this the case in other States?


      I had a lane that was handed down from my grandfather to my father and then to me. I was very disappointed when the laws changed and I was not able to hand it down to my son. At least I'll be able to hand down the fishing spot given to me by my great uncle on my mothers side. We've kept it a secret spot all these years by covering over the X mark on the side of our boat so no one can see it each time we put the boat on the trailer.