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30% off Phone Mounts @ Quadlock


Quadlock sale - 30% off. These mounts have some pretty good reviews. I have been waiting for this sale for a while. They offer 10% off for new customers but the 30% off is too good to pass. From what I have seen on Ozbargain, they usually have the 30% off sale during Black Friday. Glad I didn’t have to wait that long.
I bought the motorbike mount but pretty sure the code can be used across their site.

Use Coupon code: ROBYWARD

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  • +6

    using one from more than a year on my motorbike. Its fantastic product. Bit pricy but worth the quality

    • +1

      Same. Best motorbike mount.

    • Yes I've had one on my bike since the iPhone 8+ came out & never had an issue…
      My wife & I also have one each in our cars…
      Great mount & rock solid

  • +1

    Have it on my mountain bike. Rock solid and I've crashed a couple of times with my phone on and no worries.

    • Which one do you have, out front mount or handlebar/stem mount?

      • +1

        I've got the out front mount on my hardtail and the trails it's held on for is phenomenal.

        Only time it's lost my phone was when I went over the bars and kneed my phone from the mount haha.

        Benifit of out front is the optional GoPro mount too which is also handy

      • +1

        I have out front but I have it in reverse so it sits over the stem

  • Thanks OP!!!

  • Damnit, just bought new cases for the 21 Ultras 😬
    Had some previously, using with mounts for motorbike and car. Solid case with good protection, if a little bland/plain. $35 for a name brand case is actually a good price, especially considering the good (imho) protection they give.
    The mounts are excellent but when buying them online they seem too expensive for what they are. They really aren't though - they are quality.

  • +1

    Absolutely swear by them. Two phone cases, two different mounts for both of my motorcycles, a mount for my work car, an armband, and I bought a case and mount combo as a gift. Excellent products always, better than RAM mounts I've found.

  • I wish they had iPhone 13 cases on sale already :)

  • Is the bulge on the case annoying / get in the way?

    • +1

      Nope. Slight rock when flat on a desk, but no worse than the camera bump.

    • +3

      Yes, so I actually use two cases. One for days I ride and one for all other times.

      • Ahhh that's annoying. I don't ride buy thought about getting it for my car/run etc.

        But if it will be annoying in my pocket then I might pass.

        • I've never had an issue with the bulge of the case… I don't personally feel that it's to large…

    • +1

      I use the universal mount (sticks onto a regular case, so protrudes more - I've never had a problem with it.

    • +2

      I have been using Quadlock cases for years the mount bump is so subtle that you don't notice it. My phone can lie on the desk and apart from the tiniest rocking around the bump it lies flat and easy to use.

      The Quadlock system of cases, mounts and chargers are the best I have ever come across. Pocket to car to bike to arm mounted at my desk while I am working, the phone easily snaps in place securely. Quadlock car mounts are amazing. NEVER come off the windscreen. If you look at how they seal you will understand.

      Can't recommend them more.

  • +1

    Amazing product but has everyone given up on wireless charging using these?

    • +1

      Same here. I don't use the wireless adapter. Love the case and mounting system though. Have 2 in both cars, bike and office.

      • +1

        Yeah, having to lock it in to use the wireless charger is no better than just plugging a cable in..

        • +1

          Quadlock wireless charger works great. But you would only use it in your car or motorbike. Since you are already locking the device into the mount I don't see why its an issue. You device is being charged and is mounted. What's not to love?

          If you are meaning using the wireless charger on your desk, um well, that doesn't seem like the best idea. So many better (and cheaper) ways to charge your device at home. I'm not surprised you wouldn't use it in that use case.

          Edit: Just realised you were referring to wireless charging in general and not the Quadlock wireless charger. All my phones (can only speak for Apple iPhones) wireless charge without problems with the Quadlock case on. Just make sure the phone is aligned properly with the charger.

    • I use a blitzwolf wireless charging pad with my quad lock case. As long as I put the quad lock hole on the centre of the pad it wirelessly charges fine.

    • Works fine with wireless charging.

      For single coil chargers there's less tolerance for alignment error.

      I use a Zens Liberty 16 coil charger, so placement isn't an issue for my everyday use.

  • +2

    been using them on my motorbike for 3 years now, and 2 years on the car. had an issue with my car mount, they sent me a brand new one after a year of use. love the product and love the customer service

  • +1

    If you care about your phone cameras OIS, get the anti vibration mount. It actually works very well.

  • +1

    Code doesn't seem to be working anymore :/ Think it's been Ozbargined..

  • +1

    Code no longer valid.

  • Anyone know the Samsung case that will fit an A71….its not listed?

  • +1

    Yep, no longer valid. Had items in my cart as well, but was too slow finalising purchase.

    • Omg just went to purchase and it’s gone. Terrible.

  • Discount coupon didn't work unfortunately.

  • I ride a motorbike and I'm tempted to get one but they don't seem very useful? All I can think of is if you're using google maps and need to glance at it while you're riding

    • Waze, get the dampener too.

    • I've got a RAM mount and find it very useful for long distance travel or to navigate unfamiliar places. Took me a while to take the plunge as I always thought they are pricey for what they are but once you get it you'll wonder why you waited so long!

      If your only use case is commuting to and from work though probably not that useful.

  • +2

    Yeah the code was dead within 20min

    • Which is a shame, cause the code has been around for quite some time. Ozbargain killed it :(

  • +4

    Unfortunate code died real quick. Found this code and seems to be 20% off: GPLAMA

    • +1

      Thanks my dude,

      I have been holding off for a little while on some more bits, but jumped in using this code after the OPs had expired. I want to get the new Nokia rugged phone (to use on my MTB, and EScooter and Kayak as a second phone) so we'll see how the universal fit goes with it.

    • +1

      This worked out better for me anyway because the 30% off code took me to $34.97 hence not eligible for free shipping

  • Would have got a new case, but code expired

  • Had to take video call and by the time finished was all over. But clearly some demand for, hey Quadlock if you are reading how about a sale real soon?

  • I had one on an SGS9+ I used before I got back into Apple. So I bought an iPhone SE one but never used it as I jumped to iPhone 12. Great case and sturdy product.

    I didn’t bother getting another one as I just use the Apple watch now which is sufficient for me, that and the case was annoying to change every time I went for a ride (multiple times a week for me).

    Works as advertised otherwise, though.

    • the case was annoying to change

      I used to change it but don't bother , it still works with wireless charging, Now I want to get a rugged phone and just use that as my permanent "adventure" phone. Maybe a Galaxy Fold 3 eventually as a main phone and no way that's fitting

  • +1

    Used code = GPLAMA 5 mins ago, got a 20% off at checkout

  • I cycled with my Quadlock mount from Hanoi to Chiang Mai and never had an issue (with the Quadlock case and mount, that is😂).

  • -1

    I know people swear by these things but RAM Mount X Grip to me is a much superior choice.

    With these Quadlocks you have to put a case on and either leave it on always or swap cases around just to ride/drive. With the X Grip I just have one on my bike and in the cars and anyone who uses them can put their phone on, no cases required.

    It also is a one-time purchase, rather than buying a new case with each new phone you buy.

    Thousands of KMs directly in the wind at highway speeds and the thing doesn't budge. I've even had it on my dirtbike and had a stack and the phone stayed gripped in haha

    My only gripe with the X Grip is that they are a little bulky when you don't have a phone on them.

    • +1

      I love my x grip too. Never let me down. Very configurable.

    • Seconded, my RAM mount has seen me through three phones. Not having a dedicated case for the mount is definitely a huge plus.

    • There's complaints of these mounts dropping phones and requiring the tether (perhaps due to user error). Also the fact they haven't addressed the vibration issue makes this a lazy company I wouldn't want to support.

      • I was worried about the ios of my phone. That's the only reason I haven't bought a mount yet for my bike. Atm, I rely on audio guidance only (phone via bt to my helmet). Hence, I don't need to take my eyes off the road. I mostly use the bike for a commute, so a mount would be useful though.

        I have a ktm duke with the big lcd screen. I really wish ktm introduced a map feature of some sort, for about half the screen.

  • Do they have something like this for car's rearview mirror mount and with longer arms?

  • Bit of a long shot but has anyone used a Samsung ZFold 2 on Quadlock?

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