Best way to maximise value of prepaid MasterCard vouchers

I have $1000 worth of prepaid MasterCard vouchers expiring 31/07/2021 (Saturday). I was planning on buying some Woolworths vouchers with extra 3% value through NRMA but thought I'll reach out here to see if anyone has any tips to get some better value out of them.




    Prepay energy bills, council rates if you have.

    Wish eGC is not good option here as it may be declined by Woolworths sometimes. By the time the money returns, it also expired.

    Shopback giftcard portal may be a good option.

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    I hope they expire at the end of tomorrow and not the start…

    Discounted gift card purchases are certainly one way of maximising the value.

    Purchasing discounted Woolworths Group gift cards through the Woolworths Group is one good idea, but you need to be a little careful; someone else on these forums went overboard and purchased multiple Woolworths Group gift cards using multiple prepaid Mastercard gift cards in quick succession, and some of these transactions were flagged by Woolworths Group as potentially fraudulent and were refunded back onto the prepaid cards. I have previously purchased two gift cards in two separate transactions in quick succession, and it was processed without any issues. However, I once purchased three gift cards in three separate transactions in quick succession, and the third gift card purchase was not processed until the next business day.

    If you access to other discounted gift card portals, you’ll find other discounted gift cards that you may be able to purchase with your prepaid Mastercard gift cards. Note that some portals (e.g. Suncorp Benefits, aka AAMI Lucky Club) do not accept prepaid Mastercard gift cards.

    You could also use these cards to pay for David Jones gift cards at Woolworths or Google Play / selected TCN gift cards at Coles in-store tomorrow and get a chunk of bonus Flybuys/ER points in the process. A big brain move would be to purchase discounted Coles gift cards from a gift card portal using the prepaid Mastercard gift cards, then using the discounted Coles gift cards to purchase the Google Play / selected TCN gift cards… (well, you can do that in some circumstances…)

    If you’re getting stuck and still need to use up the cards, you could also use these cards to prepay your telecommunications or utilities accounts, but be aware that you may have to pay additional card fees (depending on the company). I am definitely on shaky ground with this suggestion, as it is harder to argue that this provides “better value”…

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      It looks like OP has got a virtual prepaid card so that it'll be very difficult to use instore.

      The best place to spend (other than some recurrent bills) is Shopback giftcard portal as discount comes back as cashback. You can spend in hundreds up to $1000, not $95, $97 in odd numbers, leaving a remaining balance.


    I used my new ones to pay telstra as my billl is 129 a month. I also paid health insurance and bought a woolworths gift card. I also purchased a prepaid mobile sim on cashrewards. You could go into the store and buy giftcards at the counter, they have coles ones etc.


    If you have a seniors card you get better value, they have wish and IGA