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40% off Garmin Forerunner 745 - 88590 Qantas Points (or 2000 Points + $663.67) + Delivery @ Qantas Rewards Store


This GPS running watch is made for runners and triathletes like you who need detailed training stats and on-device workouts plus smartwatch functions such as music, contactless payments and more. Preloaded activity profiles for cycling and swimming let you round out your training routine, and the multi sport profile consolidates data for your brick workouts. Tap into advanced physiological features such as heat and altitude acclimation, training load focus and race predictor to meet your goals. Sync music from select streaming services to store on your watch for phone-free listening while you run.

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  • +3 votes

    To me seems it's lots of points to redeem for this watch, 935 runner can be hand $370 mark, not sure if that's superior to 745.

    Still to me lots of points this model.
    Rant over


      battery life of the 935 will be better. if music and pay are important, then 745. but you are better off going the 945 if you require music and garmin pay. except they are still expensive

  • +10 votes

    Am I missing something? 2000 points plus enough money to buy a Fenix on its own to get a Forerunner???

    Rebel sell the 745 for $549 and Fenix 6x pro for $624.

    Where is the deal here?


      You are supporting qantas … The spirit of Australia

      But more seriously best use of ff points is fligjt upgrades/flights.
      If you were to get vouchers you get $450. So perhaps ok deal with points but not points + cash


    Was looking at getting a 745 from Rebel, mainly for stats from running and swimming and music without phone.

    Does anyone know if the battery life and quality is good? And is the display of these "always on" and visible?

    Was also considering 6s Pro as a slightly nicer option, but not sure if there is really much difference.