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US$60 Gift Card (UberEATS/Amazon) for Completing Online Survey (Requires LinkedIn/Company Email) @ Experts Market Research



I recently completed this online survey (by Stripe) which gave me a $78 Gift Card for Ubereats (alternative was Amazon).

It is a 15-min survey targeted at professionals. They require you to sign-up for the survey using LinkedIn or Company email and in case you are eligible, they will contact you with the survey link. Also, in case it shows error on submitting the form, give it 2 or 3 tries as that worked for me.
(No harm trying even if you are not in the target group as they will determine your eligibility - I was deemed eligible despite not being exactly in that group)

Proof of receiving gift card - https://imgur.com/a/jwSRJ5C

Blurb of the survey

  • We are offering this survey to professionals who are involved in payment processing solutions for startups or large enterprises (companies with over 1,000 employees). We’re interested in your input because we think it will supplement our work with a market research firm and deepen their comprehension of how professionals like yourself perceive different payment processors.
  • Make sure to have enough time to finish the survey in one sitting, approximately 15 minutes. If you rush to finish the survey or let it sit for too long, your results might be disqualified by our quality assurance.
  • Once you’ve finished the survey, your $60 (USD) compensation will be delivered through whichever of our payment methods you chose: virtual Visa or MasterCard, iTunes or other gift cards, donation to a charity of your choice, etc. You’ll receive an email notification shortly after completing the survey.
  • Please answer all questions completely and truthfully, drawing from your experience working with payment processing solutions.

Not sure if its a deal, freebie or a forum post.

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        Can work with company email too.


      Edited in the image.

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    This will be like Veeam survey 😂🤣🤣


    Not a great fit apparently.


    Here comes Stripe and their much anticipated IPO!

    Another payment processing giant in competition with the MasterCard and Visa dinosaurs.


    professionals who are involved in payment processing solutions for startups or large enterprises (companies with over 1,000 employees)

    = almost nobody ("payment processing solutions")


    I got error message

    “Something went wrong

    Looks like something unexpected happened.

    Please close this window and return to the site using the link provided in the email.

    If you have any further issues, reply to the email and we’ll help you out.”


      Yeah I was able to submit in my 3rd attempt for some reason.


      Try without ad block

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    Submitted the form. Let's see if the invitation comes through

    OP - how long did it take to receive invitation after you submitted the form?

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    Wow seems like a scam can someone remove this crap

    Thanks for your submission!
    Someone from our team will reach out to you within the next 48 hours if you seem like a good fit for the survey.

    Please look out for an email from an @newtonx.com address with your unique survey link.

    In some cases, the email can go into your spam folder. Please check it to ensure you get access to it.

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    Great, form submitted someone will call me to see if I'm the "right fit" all this for $70 please, more like a scam. Not a deal and belongs in forums

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    Question 1- would you like us to spam your work email and phone since you’ve already told us you have some control over a service our business offers?

    Yes or Yes

    An actionable lead should be worth more than cold take away food.


    I got a similar one from uber, I think they noticed I had a business account and offered a large amazon GC.


    Doesn't seem like a deal, more like a competition, even a job listing as we do not know who falls into what they are actually looking for beyond the vague 2 groups they mention d.

    Aren't there plenty of these cash for surveys job listings on Seek etc?


      Excatly, if I was to sell my company or linkdin data to a multi level marketing company, I can google it and find many lol






    Perfect scam




    Reward surveys aren't deals and this one however wants too much information in advance.

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    The devil is in the detail


    Havent recieved an email - should this be deleted? Unobtainable?