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Strontex Bike Lights Front & Back Rechargeable Set $25.31 + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Strontex Amazon AU


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ADVANCED DESIGN: Front bike light has SUPER BRIGHT CREE LED TECHNOLOGY that provides super bright 1000 lumen to let you see 300~500 m clearly, improve your visibility and safety. 360 degree rotatable bracket makes the bike light can shine any direction you want. Tail light has DAYTIME VISIBLE TECHNOLOGY and 240 degree wide angle visual design that keeps you visible not only at night but also in the daytime, keeping you and your loved ones safe all the time.
USB RECHARGEABLE & LONG SERVICE TIME: Both front and tail light are USB rechargeable lets you say goodbye to batteries. For front light it only takes 3 ~ 5 hours to fully charge (Depending on your charging voltage). Built-in intelligence IC can prevents overcharge or over discharge and extend battery life.
PERFORMANCE: Front bicycle light has 3 light modes High, Low and Bursting Strobe modes, meeting all lighting requirements for riding. It is IPX5 rated waterproofing with all-sealed body protects against splashing water from any angles. And has well-constructed Solid aluminium alloy shell that provides excellent anti-collision capability. And the tail light is IPX4 water resistant, comes with 4 modes and is durable which makes this bike light set a great gift for outdoor lovers.
VERSATILE: Use it when you’re running, jogging, hiking, camping, walking your dog, cycling, changing a tire, night time family, kids activities, power outage and MORE!

Limited time 15% discount deal use promotion claim Code RHOW2ZMD Click the link and buy now!

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    Please post a one that uses AA/AAA batteries and I will buy one.

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      Curious, why preference of AA/AAA batteries over rechargeable?

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        The advantage of using AAA/AA batteries:

        They are user replaceable when the batteries get old. Just replace the batteries, not the entire unit. Less waste and ensuring that you have a battery working at full capacity.

        If the batteries are flat you can just bring backup batteries to replace and no need to wait charge up to use.

        Low to no risk of fires or explosions from batteries which may occur with poor quality lithium batteries.

        Good for someone who doesn't use the bike at night frequently, as batteries can deplete in the bike night when not using for a while due to parasitic battery drain on some lights.

        On cheaper lithium battery bike lights, common issues are:

        Poor quality lithium batteries which have short lifespan, low capacity, questionable safety built into the battery.

        Poor designed circuit built in the light, which leads to high parasitic battery drain, normally on the switch which consumes power when not using.

        • All of the pros of AA apply to 18650 batteries - backup batteries, user replaceable, etc.
          All of the cons of lithium batteries can also apply to AA batteries (poor quality, parasitic drain, etc).

          The questionable safety and fire risk is valid however - by their nature they are an unstable chemistry - but using protected cells and not treating them like house bricks mitigates that.

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            @henno: Yes, that is true with 18650 batteries. However, many bike lights don't use a standardise battery size. There are many rechargeable bike lights only have a micro USB port to charge the batteries. The battery compartment is sealed and sometimes the batteries are even soldered on. There are many lithium battery bike lights, moreso the tail lights that don't even use 18650 but some smaller size batteries. Most people won't be thinking about protected or the quality of the battery that is provided. They will trust that unit is safe, which it should be, but not necessarily the case.

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          Thank you for your insight, just recently got into cycling and just purchased a battery based front/rear combination based off your comment. Cheers Haz

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        I think @haz has explained it pretty well.

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      AA/AAA are a poor choice for a bike light in my opinion. Lithium are a far more energy dense, and in the case of front lights almost a necessity for the current draw for adequate lumens.
      No doubt this light is probably 18650 powered on the front, although not user-replaceable as seems to be the case.

      • always used to look for AA headlights, they are becoming scarcer ….. headlights can fit a bigger battery, taillights being smaller seem to have more of an issue to house big batteries ……. AA battery is about 2100-2500 AAA 800-900 some of the smaller headlights are 1200 and tail light i have is 300 ……but i’m more likely to have a usb charger than a 240v battery charger …….be good when they go from micro usb to usb c as phones are now usb c do need to keep micro usb handy for bike lights …..

        • I have a tiny USB-C to MicroUSB adapter that stays on the end of my USB cable. It's so small, and not a big deal at all.
          And yeah my Cygolite rear is not 18650 or AA due to form factor, but one charge literally lasts hundreds of hours on flash.

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    These were posted in the last deal for the same price literally 2 weeks ago. At what point does this just become spam

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    I wouldn’t recommend one of these, I purchased one for my daughter and mount just broke after a few months.

    • That seems like a good reason to neg this deal right?

      • not necessarily ….depends how many sold and how broke ….i broke my headlight from a unit i bought from anaconda …..doesn’t make them bad … slipped of the wall and the headlight caught on the way down …..could have been designed better e.g. with a quick release but it’s was $25 headlight not $50 ……..bigger issue no spares ………..light is fine, the mount on handle bar is broken and from design would be the first thing to break …….

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    I personally bought this one for around $6

    • how do you find the headlight?

  • I have this set (gift from last Christmas).
    Batteries don't have the longevity they claim but otherwise a decent product.

    Also, if you have thin handlebars, you will need extra rubber to mount it. I had to cut up some old tyre tubes to mount the white light on both of my bikes.

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