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EPOS Gaming GSP 370 Wireless Gaming Headset $199 (Was $309) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


All time low on OzB
Same price at Computer Alliance
$259 at JB and PLE
$309 at Scorptec
$323 at Amazon

Key Features

Closed acoustic wireless gaming headset
Untethered wireless mobility and freedom from noisy environments

Low-latency wireless connection
Lag-free transmission means instant feedback for better game performance

Up to 100 hours of battery life
Long gaming sessions are never a problem with up to 100 hours on a single charge

Integrated digital sound processing
Enhanced audio provides exceptional bass performance and communication clarity

EPOS Gaming Suite
Proprietary digital 7.1 Surround Sound processing software designed for gaming

Integrated volume wheel on the ear cup
Quick, intuitive volume adjustment synched with Windows® 10

Ergonomic design
A clever ball-hinge joint automatically adjusts ear cups to most face shapes

Comfort for long gaming sessions
A split, padded headband and memory foam ear pads deliver fit and comfort

Charge while playing
Continue gaming while charging the headset with the included USB cable

Multi-Platform Compatible
Works on PC, Mac®, PS5 (wireless with USB Low-latency Dongle) and PS4® (7.1 Surround only on PC)

What's in the box?

GSP 370 Closed Acoustic Wireless Gaming Headset
GSA 370 Dongle
USB Charging Cable 1.5M
Safety Guide
User Manual

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    In the market for a good headset for Xbox series X. Shame this one isn't compatible.


    I got a pair of these about 18 months ago and still going strong. The battery life is pretty insane, and I only have to charge maybe once a month, if that. The audio and mic quality is great. The Sennheiser software was initially pretty buggy, and I had to re-connect the headphones quite frequently, but that all seems to have been sorted out now; and haven't had an issue for quite a while. I definitely recommend these for gamers or headset users wanting something that sounds great, and also isn't too heavy or uncomfortable.


      have you been having any other issues, like dropouts, or do you need to replug the usb every time you boot your computer? how are the cushions holding up, how good is the range for you? Is the battery indicator accurate? Sorry for all these questions, I've read bad reviews that are pretty dated and wanted to see hold it holds up today.


        i've had the issue with it not connecting twice in about 6 months, but not for at least 4 months now, pretty sure a firmware update fixed it. the battery icon on the software is accurate, but it can sometimes 'disconnect' so it doesn't change. takes sweet FA time to recharge though and you can use it while it's recharging. it does start beeping at 10% battery, which i think it way too early for these, as this means you have another 10 hours until it dies haha. i guess a good thing to stop you from fully discharging it's battery.


    I use these every day for work and play. 8-16 hours use per day. recharge the maybe once every 2-3 weeks. super comfy, sound great and apparently the mic is great as ever since using them i've had comments about my 'great radio voice'.

    my only gripe with them is the mic sticks out a bit when slid up, so if you stick your head somewhere like behind the monitor/in the fridge, in the oven (we all get like that, right?) you'll probably bang the mic a bit. seems well made though. been using for ~6 months now.



    interesting article - i posted the 670 here last week.


    the battery life on the 370 sounds amazing though. the 670 is a bit heavy as well.

    if the 370 was a bit cheaper again, id probably wished i had gone the 370 for if it where say 100 bux less, i like the idea of better quality and I only wear mine a few hours a week.

    if i wore them much more though, it sounds like this would be a dead set bargain.