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[PC] Super Bowling 3D $0 @ Microsoft


First time posting and be nice.

I found this free game today.

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    the comments on reddit/r/gamedeals got me. Sarcastic cats


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      Thanks for letting us know about this scam game.

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    Game is full of ads & pressure a $10/month subscription. Not truly free.

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    uninstalled after 20 seconds. What a waste of time.



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      Wow, saved me the hassle

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        I should have read these post before wasting 4 minutes I will never get back. The ads are at the bottom of the screen and very distracting, when click the close the subscription comes up.

        Says the game cost was $44.95 now $0 - no way would they ever get a single sale!

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    This game is an asset flip of an old Android game from 2019.


    Microsoft app store promo image

    Amazon app store promo image

    The developer of the game on MS store is a russian company. They just have a placeholder website with no portfolio, just a generic privacy policy page and an email.

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      +1 for doing your research and now I can neg the deal.

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    First time posting and be nice.

    Against the rules REEEEEEEEE

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    if anyone's looking for a good bowling game download bowling crew


    No offence intended to OP but what a rubbish game! 3 minutes of my life I will not get back. Honestly, don't waste your time.


    Thanks OP. Great first post. Thank you so much for sharing. :-)


    Thanks OP for the efforts, but this game is a disgrace on many faces. To name few- 3D views, graphic, accuracy and many things are joke. Claimed this game was being sold for USD 44 and after downloading it still asks to get a monthly sub to avoid ads etc.