Home LED Replacement from NSW Goverment.

I am considering replacing my halogen downlights with LED using the $33 NSW Government Energy Saver Scheme.

There are 13 approved retailers in Metro Sydney (https://www.energysaver.nsw.gov.au/households/rebates-and-di...).

Any reviews of a particular company? I'm in Sydney North Shore. Any downsides?


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    We did it. Ended up costing just under $700 as our halogens were on dimmers. As we wanted to keep using the dimmers we needed to replace the dimmer switches and then of course they are different globes. Def worth doing though as our elec bill dropped about $70 a qtr and theres only 2 of us. Cant remember who we used however whoever you go with wont actually do the job as they just subbie out the work


    I used
    02 8090 5623

    This was in 2018.

    I paid for full light replacement as I knew running retrofits off my existing transformers would be a crapshow. It was $450 for 30 DL/s and 30 plugs (all my lights were hardwired). I recouped that outlay in 12 months.

    EcoVantage were professional. The sparky was excellent. He arrived on time, cleaned up after himself and was polite and friendly.


    if I have halogen ceiling lights (not downlights), and i wanted to switch to downlights does the rebates cover labour for new downlights too?

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