AUX → RCA One Side Only Audio (R1700BT)

Hey peeps,

- Connected a 4 pole (TRRS) splitter into Mi Monitor.
- Connect speakers.

Audio noob here.
I've got a pair of the R1700BT speakers - noticed a bit of an issue where sound only comes from one side when I use the AUX → RCA cable.

I'm unsure how to diagnose the root cause properly, but here are the setups where it occurs:

  • Mac → HDMI → Xiaomi surface 34 → AUX out → RCA in → R1700BT
  • PS5 → HDMI → Xiaomi surface 34 → AUX out → RCA in → R1700BT
  • PS5 → Bluetooth controller → AUX out → RCA in → R1700BT

But it works correctly (Stereo output) when I plug the aux straight into the aux out of my el cheapo dell laptop :s

Could I get some advice please, thanks in advance!


  • Mi Monitor also confirmed to be working (Stereo output) with 3.5mm headphones plugged in. (Mac → HDMI → Mi Monitor → AUX → Headphones). Replacing headphones with speakers in this scenario = left-only output.
  • The aux in cable is a TRS cable.



    Are you using red and white RCA plugs at both ends?


      Nah AUX 3.5mm as input and then RCA on the other end


        But both red and white at the edefier end?


          Yeah correct. It only takes red/white input and nothing else (other than Bluetooth)


    Could be a compatibility issues with Mac. Please check the package to see if it says it will work with iOS, iPhone. Try updating the firmware of the speakers, that might help. Google to see if this is a known issue and if someone has developed any work around. You can also speak with the speaker company. They might be able to help you with this, or if there are compatibility issues, they may allow you to swap with something which meets your requirements.

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    Is the Aux plug TRS or TRRS?

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      I'm expecting the Mac to be TRRS and Apple decided to piss around with the wiring standard so that iPhone headsets were "unique".
      I expect they've done the same for their PCs.
      (EDIT: yep it's in my link below)

      OP, you need a CTIA and OMTP adapter for the Mac.


        I did a quick Google about CTIA vs. OMTP, is this the issue?

        The main difference between the two is that their ground and microphone rings are switched

        I assume the converter just switches the wiring back around?
        Could it be the same issue with the PS5 -> HDMI -> Mi Montior -> AUX -> RCA -> Speakers?


          Yeah it will.
          But if it's working with standard headphones then I don;t think it's the problem.

          Try switching the RCA plugs.

          I now suspect either the RCA cable is wired wrong or the R1700BT input is wired wrong.


            @ESEMCE: I've tried testing the connections and speakers via a basic setup:
            Laptop -> AUX out -> RCA in -> speakers, it's working correctly.

            Do you know if there are any weird issues with HDMI and RCA?

            I'm thinking maybe it's just a crap coincidence that the Mac and Playstation are both exhibiting the same issues :(


              @Terencee: Is the 3.5mm plug able to insert fully into the monitor socket?
              It's the only other thing I can think of.

              Could be that it's a bit too fat on the connector surround so it's not properly seating in?


                @ESEMCE: Ah crap sorry turns out I can't read diagrams correctly. It's a TRS aux in /facepalm. Does that change the diagnosis?
                Although the headphones I tested on the same devices (controller and monitor) are also TRS too.

                I'll double check the seating of the connector.


                  @Terencee: The cable you're using is TRS also. It shouldn't affect anything.

                  Having seen your photo of the connector below. I think you're just not able to plug it in fully.

                  Connections should be;

                  Plug | Socket
                  T ————- T
                  R ———— R
                  S ———— S

                  but are actually

                  Plug | Socket
                  ————- T
                  T ———— R
                  R ———— S


                    @ESEMCE: I think something this might have happened while I was re-testing all the permutations with the splitter. Seems to be all good now, thanks!


      Hey justdigi, it's a TRRS (thanks ESEMCE for the link)


        Does it work directly from the Mac audio out then? Mac will be TRRS. If it does, then the Xiaomi Monitor is the problem.


          Ah my mac audio out port is stuffed lol.

          But getting the same issue on the PS5 controller too - it gives stereo sound on other audio devices (headphones) but when I plug the speakers they bugger up


          Just tested the monitor with headphones (3.5mm connection), they are working correctly (stereo)


          Ah crap sorry turns out I can't read diagrams correctly. It's a TRS aux in /facepalm


    Could you take a photo of the RCA cable and it's ends?

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        Alright, I know the issue. What you have is a good old fashioned stereo plug, that is guaranteed to work on older devices. Most newer devices expect a 4 pole 3.5mm plug, which takes a microphone into account. One of these poles is for the microphone. My guess is newer devices can't always detect that you are plugging in a stereo only (3 pole) 3.5mm plug, and assigning one of the left or right speakers as "microphone".
        What makes matters worse, Apple devices use a different 4 pole configuration compared to every other manufacturer! Bloody hell.

        Atleast with my Dell laptop, when I plug something into my "combined 3.5mm socket", it asks me whether I plugged in a headset with microphone, speakers, headphones or just a microphone, and adjusts accordingly so I don't get the same problems as you.


          Hey mate, thanks for the reply!
          This helped me figure out a workaround to get sound from both speakers.

          I bought a 4 pole splitter -> audio out + mic out. Plugged the splitter into the monitor and then connected the speakers to audio out - both are working. BUT it is now mono and both speakers play all audio :') Better than missing half the audio in a game… but still a bit whack. Wonder if the adapter I got is causing that issue… will check it.

          Edit: current state of things. (will add soon)


            @Terencee: I thought you'd plugged in headphones to the monitor to confirm Stereo already?


              @ESEMCE: Yeah got confused with all the permutations :') Re-testing all combinations now and going to add them all in one place.

              While testing and re-shuffling all the plugs, the speakers started playing stereo through the splitter again…
              I am so confused. But I'm not going to touch it anymore for the time being :')

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          Thank you, this is educational. Would this explain why my Sennheiser wired headphones, with a microphone and inline controls that I don't use, sometimes lose a channel when connected to my very old PC speakers? If I pull the plug out slightly I'm sometimes able to get two channels again, sometimes not.

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            If I pull the plug out slightly I'm sometimes able to get two channels again

            Yes this is exactly the issue you are having. Solution would be like Terencee said, a 3.5mm splitter that splits one 3.5mm into 2 slots 3.5mm - one for microphone and one for stereo. But keep in mind, Apple uses different 4 pole config, so make sure you buy a proper one.

            I use this "industry standard" video to test speakers whenever I am screwing around with cables and stupid 4 pole 3.5mm connectors.


    Just trying to pin down the details so far.

    So it works correctly for this?:

    • El Cheapo Dell Laptop AUX out → RCA in → R1700BT

    And when you say it works correctly, I assume you don't just mean both speakers are making sound, but that you've tested to ensure that different sounds are coming out of both speakers? (you SAID 'stereo', but Ijust wanted to make sure you did MEAN stereo).


      Hey ajm07,

      Good catch about stereo haha I meant it just had audio out of both speakers.
      Just tested it with a stereo track and they do output different sounds independently


    Take a photo of the 3.5mm headphone jack placed side by side with the 3.5mm jack of the RCA cable.

    Edit: Align them with a ruler.


    Have you turned it off and then on again?