Height adjustable monitor

I am looking for a height adjustable 24’ - 27’ monitor for around $300.

There’s so many monitors out there. It’s hard knowing which is worth buying or skipping.

It will be used for office work only.


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    put your monitor on a 2 reams of paper like everyone else.

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      Any deals on paper? 😂.

      I thought about that, but instead of buying 2 reams of paper for my monitors. I thought I’d buy a good one up front.


        Take it from the office which is more enviro friendly than a plastic stand.


      Cheaper to pick up some old text books from council clean up.

      (Not everyone will have access to this: use stacks of old annual reports - lets you adjust in fine increments.)


      And when your printer runs out of paper, decide if you can wait to print your kid's school work (while you buy more paper) or open that crisp wrapped ream and destroy it forever.


        needless to say my monitor is getting lower and lower by the day

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    Or get a monitor arm?


      just make sure it has a Vesa mount


      This, I got a good vesa mount will probably last multiple monitors of use


    HP ultrasharp series ?


    I saw this the other day when I was looking for monitors:

    Height adjustable stand (I think up to 12cm), plus you can even rotate the monitor into portrait mode.

    Detailed review here:

    I didn't end up getting it and went for an IPS monitor instead but just a suggestion….