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[eBay Plus] $10-$70 off Selected Items - e.g. adidas Shoes $30, Mini Circular Saw $19.99 + More @ eBay


Another promo from generous eBay - handpicked by eBay in preparation for Father's Day 🤩

Links (prices after discount):

$70 off

$40 off

$15 off

$10 off

50 redemptions per person


This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • WTF order also cancelled, refund for $30. This was literally the main deal for Tuesday. Ordered 11:09am.

    • Same, ordered 11:06am, paid $30, was just cancelled a couple hours ago.

  • +1

    Did anyone get their shoes? I got in early, bought 1 pair, paid $30, still got cancelled a day later

    • Same here

    • My paid $30 x 3 orders for 2 different styles got cancelled today

      • The shoes were a mirage

  • +1

    my Paid order was cancelled too

  • +1

    If we can't even pay to get these shoes, no way ANYONE got them for free.

  • +2

    Adidas eBay feedback is copping a hammering

    • +2

      Thanks for reminding me to slam them :)

    • +2

      My personal favourite

      All my shoes were canceled I just went to cry

      You can see the people that attempted to broden 10+ pairs just from their feedback lol

  • Kitchen Couture Teppanyaki Grill Electric Non Stick BBQ Table Top Black - ahh it looks very similar to this one on Kohan:


    Kogan is cheaper still.

    Can anyone comment on how usable they are?

    • +1

      I read a comment somewhere to stay away from it.
      I have no experience with it myself, but also had the instinct not too buy this.
      After all the price jacking I don't see any deals…

    • Wow that's really cheap.
      But unless you have a dishwasher, looks like a nightmare to clean.

      For $16. I might've gotten it, but I don't need it.

  • They "sold" so much, imagine all of the refunds they need to give out

  • Hmm, I paid 30, but just got a refund of 100… Can't complain about that

    • +1

      Till you realise you didn't…

      It is confusing about how PayPal represents the refund, but you didn't get $100 back.

      • ohhh

      • Normally PayPal reports $70 as a 'voucher' and hence you never see that money as eBay gets it back

        However on my email all I see is $100 pending refund to your PayPal balance. Quite possible it'll fix itself while it's in pending status but nonetheless interesting to see what eventuates.

        • Update: yep after it being "pending" for a while PayPal alerts me I've been refunded $100 to my PayPal balance although when I look it's $30 to my bank account and $70 to "voucher".

    • In paypal statement, i got refunded $44.00 then there was a voucher debit of -$44, fee $0, total refund $0.00

  • My paid order also cancelled left feedback ..

  • It looks like another ebay store is going to be getting a lot of bad feedback. Look at what happened to Robins Kitchen's ebay store when they cancelled everyones items a couple of weeks ago- https://www.ebay.com.au/fdbk/feedback_profile/robins.kitchen...

    From this deal- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/635455

    • +1

      Honestly that is very obviously a price error and people shouldn't be leaving negative feedback for that…

      • The Adidas is just a normal promotional listing. Not for the free ones, the ones on this thread.

      • Good to see the Ozbargain crew taking down the big corporates though :D

  • My paid order from 10.48am has just got cancelled - wheres the best place to leave "feedback"?

  • +1

    that's really bad. My paid order was cancelled as well.

    Wondering if I should raise the issue to failBay or Scambay

  • +2
    • The real MVP.

      • If they had given 70$ away. I feel they deserve a POSITIVE

  • +2

    Yep, my paid order was cancelled, with refund pending.. A Neg going their way…

    • Yep the process apparently takes upto 5 days… I paid using afterpay

  • Hi all,
    My order has also been cancelled (paid $30 using eBay gift card).
    I am confused because I received an email from PayPal saying my refund will be processed (although I used eBay gift card)

    And I believe refund to eBay GC should be instant, however I checked my gift card balance and it has not been refunded…

    Has anybody else paid using eBay Gift Card and received refund?

    • +1

      It might take 5 days to refund onto the GC.. in this day and age it should be instant..

      If you want to try some luck message the help centre on eBay and push for some $$ as a result of the inconvenience

      • +1

        Thanks Gomo,
        Sorry but what do you mean by Help Centre? Like contact eBay via Chat or Phone?

        Edit: just tried and eBay chat is useless BTW

        • +1

          dang I thought they might not all be robots guess I was wrong :/

          Sorry to hear you'll just have to wait it out unfortunately

  • ordered 1 pair of Adidas shoes for $30, they just cancel the order and refund me $100. But my paypal account doesn't see the refund yet.

  • +1

    Adidas should have limited qty of shoes purchased - some guys leaving (negative) feedback had ordered 20+ pairs!

    • You can tell who tried to get all the free pairs.

  • Received the Mini Circular Saw today, really impressed.

    High build quality, great features, great accessories.. Even comes with a bag.

    Thanks again OP

    For anyone interested in how it works:

  • The seller cancelled this order due to the following reason: 'Something was wrong with the buyer's delivery address.'

    They sent a refund to your original payment method.

    For my $30 Adidas shoes order.

  • Alright order was cancelled as well. However the refund was $100 total.
    $30 refund and $70 Voucher.
    So that means they gave away 70$ I don't see any way to use the voucher it's more like funds have been transferred.

    Then if that was the case they are losing money at the same time.
    I did not leave any feedback yet, but to be fair if they given away $70, I feel they deserve a positive feedback IMO

    • +3

      No, $70 goes back to EBay. Ebay supplied the voucher and they get it back.

      No one lost out but us, unless your time is free.

      • -2

        OMG really.!!! ..NEG!!!!!! FOR SURE

  • +1

    I picked up a pair of these Mini Ugg Boots for $35 ($40 off - originally $75) delivered with Ebay Plus.
    Received them on Friday and they look to be great quality, very comfy. If anything a slightly tight fit, but I'm incredibly happy with them at that price. They're still in stock in a few colours!

  • Has anyone received their refund(s) from adidas yet? It's been 6 days and I have been credited yet…

  • +1

    These adidas shoes are back in stock.

  • yeah just got an email saying can still use the code, plus gave me a $15 voucher to use elsewhere for the hassle!

    • Got same..

  • Hello eBay Plus member,
    We noticed that you recently tried to redeem our PLUSPAPA offer on an item from Adidas Australia that was subsequently cancelled due to an error. You may have already received a notification and a refund from Adidas Australia.

    We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused, and as a valued eBay Plus Member we would like to offer you an exclusive coupon to take $15 off* almost any item on eBay.com.au.

    Apply this exclusive code …. to get $15 off* almost any item on eBay.com.au.

    *1 itm pp. 1 txn pp. Expires 10/9. Can’t be stacked with other offers. Excls & T&Cs apply.

    We also wanted to let you know that the issue with the original offer has been resolved and that you will be able to redeem PLUSPAPA to take $70^ off the following items again:
    Adidas AU Men Running Run Falcon 2.0 Shoes
    Adidas AU Men Running Lite Racer 2.0 Shoes
    Adidas AU Men Tennis Advantage Base Shoes
    Adidas AU Men Skateboarding Bravada Shoes
    ^ 50 txns pp. 1 itm per txn. Expires 31/8. While Stocks Last. Can’t be stacked with other offers. T&Cs apply.

    Many thanks,
    The eBay Plus Team

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