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Queen Bed Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress $179 (Was $379) + Delivery @ Kmart


You'll be surprised and delighted by how well you sleep on this queen bed memory foam hybrid mattress! CertiPUR US memory foam conforms to your body, customising support where you need it most, giving you a restful night's sleep. Individually wrapped pocket coils are surrounded by a full foam box to provide extra support, reducing partner disturbance and providing a larger sleep surface where you won't roll out on the edge of the bed.

Struggled to find a single bad review on this one. Seems like a great bed for the price.

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  • I couldn't find any reviews.
    But sounds like a great deal.
    Delivery seemed to be $45-85 for Sydney and greater Sydney areas.

    • There are 26 five-star customer reviews on the kmart web site. Have a read, a couple are insightful.

  • Anyone got one and can compare to ZZZ Atelier? Need to replace mine

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    10 year warranty.. impressive but how u gonna get it back to the store other than tie downs on the 96 falcon?

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    A review for anybody curious. I'm still debating whether to buy or not as well. Any Ozb people who have bought?

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      I decided to order one after reading the customer reviews on the kmart website - if it's no good, I'll make sure people know about it!

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      yep, bought one as well with a Bed frame for $69 - down from $229.


      Delivery cost $60 though.

      • ooof bad luck my delivery is only saying $29

      • Same here ($60) but it’s still a good combo deal. Thanks

    • Thanks JAF and OP, good reviews and at this price bought one, if not that great will put in spare room.

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    Great overnight spare mattress for visitors, can store it under the main room bed.

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      You can get an air mattress for like $40

      • That's what we have but a couple of heavy people on that it doesn't last the night, it's very uncomfortable especially if someone stays for the week.

  • shipping kills the deal

  • $39.?? for delivery to inner West suburb of Melbourne. $10 and I would've pulled the trigger, think I'll wait for now and have a look next time I'm in Footscray (store is pretty close to me)

    • It is an online only deal

  • Hi OP, is this better than aldi boxed mattress?

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      According to this sites reviews https://bedbuyer.com.au/aldi-mattress/ the kmart one is better. Also the kmart mattress has a 10 year warranty and it looks like the Aldi one is only 1 year. The kmart mattress is now cheaper too of course

  • looks like promo at big 2 as well.
    dont know the quality

    • Has a 1 star review from this website:


    • They do this sale from time to time as have had that mattress in stock for years, but it is about 18cm high, Kmart one is higher. BigW one is good for a saare mattress or for those who like it a bit firmer. I have it for my toddler.

  • For something that you will spend 1/3 of your life on, don’t be cheap. At least test to make sure you’ll be comfortable sleeping with.

    • +3

      You definitely want a good mattress but expensive doesn't always mean good. At least with this one, if it's not that great, you haven't broken the bank to get it.

      • Exactly expensive doesnt mean good. ID rather have a cjeap on and be disappointed than with an expensive one.
        We are still young and renting, so I bought a Giselle 34cm pillow top from eBay around 200$ 2,5 years ago. Very pleasantly surprised how good the mattress is, very very comfortable. Would happily buy it over and over again and recommend to others.

      • Yeah expensive doesn’t always mean good. You gotta try them though. Buying cheap mattress online just because discount for me is a big no as it is not something I can easily dispose of.
        However with many people renting and low income, it would be a good deal.

        • I have, tempur, egroflex, and Ikea hybrid ( maybe similar like this), yes tempur is nice but I will never buy it again not worth the money they asking for. Egroflex is the sweet spot for me. And as for the Ikea one it nice when it's new but overtime it will become to soft, but is still have its spot in living room when my parents visit and for makeshift trampoline for my boy, as egroflex to heavy to move around.

          Mattress in the box company are everywhere now, I try sleeping duck before but I found it to hard, so ask for refund, everybody have different preferences but with the refund warranty they give, there is nothing to lose, and testing in showroom is useless.

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    Thanks OP, bought two pairs of mattress+frame for two spare rooms - $600 delivered

  • Seems like a great deal even with $50 delivery …

    Thanks OP

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    ordered bed and mattress 310 delivered, not bad!

  • Thanks for sharing OP. I ordered to replace a Giselle (ozplaza.living) bed for my mum that has bowed deeply in the middle after 3 years of usage. Hopefully this is a bit better after the same time frame. For the price can not complain!

  • Anybody gotten the mattress already? How is the quality.

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      Just got it delivered today. Having had the zzz atelier for 2 years this one doesn't look so luxurious but can already tell much much better quality. Been waking up feeling sore lately and was on the lookout for a replacement. Cheers op!

      • Great… Might go for it now.

      • Do you know if this is firmer than the zzz's?

  • I got the mattress, well my mum did the next day. She said the quality is good and she is happy with it. Can't complain with next day with allied freight. Good job OP!

  • Any reviews from anyone that has received mattress??

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      I have used mine for the past 4 nights now and I can't really fault it for the price. It is slightly firmer than my previous mattress. Whether this will last for an extended period is yet to be seen of course but so far I'm very happy with the purchase. Also, I can't stress how important it is to find a good pillow. As someone with back/neck issues, finding the right pillow has been the most important thing for me - a good mattress comes second and this one is doing the job well so far.

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    Thanks buddy appreciate you taking the time to reply 😁

  • I hate how Kmart classifies their delivery areas. I’m in SE Qld but delivery is “remote” and comes in at $114, nearly doubles the cost! Can’t decide if I should pull the trigger or keep looking.

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