Chromecast (Original) and 5.1 Dolby Digital Output? Bubbleup?

Hi all,

Was given a Chromecast and was hoping to use it to locally stream 5.1 movies from my phone (Using Bubbleup app). Now need to use Google Home and provide location details just to get it work…poor form google). The original desktop method using Chrome no longer works. So its phone setup with location access or nothing!!


I set up BubbleUP to pass through original AC3 / DTS audio, but nothing came out.

I think my setup is wrong.

Have it plugged into a Panasonic TV HDMI port, with ARC and an Optical output connected back to the amp. There is also a Coax output I could use, but figure optical / HDMI are better.

HDMI cable and Optical Cable are connected to a Pioneer VSX 521 amp.

Tried both HDMI and Optical input options on the Pioneer with no luck. However, when I changed Bubbleup back to get the chromecast to encode the audio, it works, but obviously only in stereo / Pro-logic only.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any way to use the Chromecast without an internet connection? I'm using a phone /wifi hotspot. Looks like once it's connected you can disable the data, but wont be seen in Bubbleup until data is originally enabled. I'm coming from using an iCast 6 that doesn't need an internet connection, but wont do 5.1… I don't think..

*edit - Do I need to plug these dongles into the back of the Pioneer VSX instead of the TV?


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    Was given a Chromecast and was hoping to use it to locally stream 5.1 movies from my phone

    Chromecast (Original)

    Ain't gunna happen


    I don't know what bubbleup is but your setup is complicating stuff that is already quite complicated.

    How old is your TV? I recently went through trying to get compressed atmos working on my Sonos Arc on a 5 year old tv that also had HDMI-ARC and i learnt a few things.

    The HDMI-ARC standard is pretty loose. Back in the day when it was released, the HDMI-ARC standard basically allowed manufacturers to pick and choose what features of ARC to include, but still allow them to advertise that it has an ARC port. Google this and you'll understand.

    Basically not all hdmi-arc ports are the same. Look up your TV specs.

    Your optical input could also be a 5.1 bottle neck.

    edit: oh my, it's a Chromecast 1. Stop right there. Throw it away. That thing is worth a whole $2. The new CC with google TV supports DD5.1 and Atmos, but only if your TV supports it (which my post has relevance to).


      The original Chromecast got an update and will now support AC3 pass through. Bubbleup will send the raw Audio format.

      *Edit - Success!! Plugged the Chromecast directly into the back of the amp instead of the TV, and it has full Dolby Digital support! So I think you are right. The HDMI pass through via ARC is obviously not full pass through on this Panasonic TV.

      Will try a few DTS movies tomorrow as well. Will see if the ARC works on a different TV


      Could also use this to save plugging in the back.


    Thought BubbleUP was dead?

    Anyways - if CC Ultra then…
    HDMI into your TV -> optical from TV -> amp optical.
    You might need to play with the optical output of the tv into the amp - PCM won't give you AC3, you will need to push through RAW.

    Also, your media source will need to be DD/AC3, and check your HDMI port on the TV.

    Hope this helps.


      Bubbleup is the only media server I have ever used, so the only one I know. Got it all to work though. Just needed to plug the Chromecast into the amp HDMI port, not the TV. Then set the audio to pass through in Bubbleup.


    Streaming movies from phone, yet has spent enough to get an amplified 5.1 system?


    Buy a proper dedicated new media player…


      Yeah.. If the TV has hdmi - arc it means it's at most 8 years or so old. At which point, op could most likely load plex on the TV and hook into his personal computer as the server (as the most simplist solution). Plex supports most sound mediums as long as your receiver and TV can handle it.

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      @Spaceback It's all Ozbargain favourites… Pioneer VSX 521 $99, Phone is a $45 Nokia 3 - all bands/ NFC, using an Alcatel 4.5 $25 as my wifi for the last few years as well. All works flawlessly.

      P.S. and Got it to work. Now streams everything I can think I would want to stream and wanted to keep it simple / portable. Will need to look at something else when I get a bigger TV and go 4K (but probably built in these days). Happy enough with 1080 5.1 /DTS for now.


    I don't recall using my phone to stream movies with the originĂ  fist gen Chromecast. If not mistaken this feature start from gen 3. And wifi range is not that good with 1st gen.

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      These days you can only stream from a phone/tablet. Google took away the ability to stream from a desktop. *Update - got it streaming my 1080 5.1 movies all good as well. Cheers


    Just saw this as an alternative as well, which should make it easier to connect/ remove the Chromecast. Also handy if using an old 5.1 amp without HDMI.