Best bang for buck powered USB C hub/dock?

Any suggestions on what the best value powered USB type C Hub?

I'm looking for something that has at HDMI and VGA and preferably with ethernet. Plus all the standards like a few USB3 ports. I have an existing 130w power supply I can reuse.



    Have a look on amazon - their returns policy is pretty good. I thought you asked for two DP and tried looking but found nothing. Two video outputs is much easier.


      I meant VGA and HDMI and have corrected my post.

      Thanks for the link. I'll take another look at Amazon. Looking on a recommendation for something reliable as I've had a previous USB type C Hub fail on me after 6 months.

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    I use a Lenovo 40AF dock with a 135w power supply I was given from an old job. Been working fine for the last ~2yrs with Dell and Lenovo laptops, but it's not a cheap dock.

    Some things to consider when browsing are;
    1- Can the dock can actually take that 130w power supply you have, or does it need a special plug type?
    2- What resolution do you want/need for both monitors? Dual 4k60Hz is rarer/more expensive than dual 4k30Hz or dual 1080p60Hz etc
    3- Do you actually need VGA/HDMI ports or would you be ok with dual HDMI / HDMI/DP / dual DP ports, plus suitable dongles?
    4- When you say USB-C, that's just the physical connector. Is USB3 fine, or will you need Thunderbolt support? I know some Dell/Lenovo laptops a few years ago were quite picky and had issues with dual-screen unless you had a thunderbolt-capable dock


      Thanks for the suggestion mate. My power supply is Dell branded but seems to be a standard laptop power supply - the barrel jack type.

      I would be happy just to power two external monitors at 1080p as it will mainly used for productivity. I would prefer just HDMI but HDMI/VGA is fine. No need for display ports or thunderbolt.


    have a look at the dell d6000 then