Breville Dual Boiler

Hi all,

Does anyone know if the Breville Dual Boiler has been discontinued? I can't seem to find the machine in stock anywhere. JB Hifi, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman all had stock up until last week. Now it seems it is only available with the Breville Smart Grinder which I have no use for as I already have a Sette 270.





    I can't seem to find the machine in stock anywhere

    I see you're in Sydney….. Yes lockdowns have this impact on coffee machine stocks! :)

    You and everyone else in the city have rushed out to buy a coffee machine during lockdown. Same thing happened in Melbourne back in 2020.


      Not available for click and collect, in store or delivery in Sydney Metro


    I don't believe that it's discontinued, but is now only being sold as part of the "Dynamic Duo" (i.e. not seperately)


      Bummer… that's what I was thinking. It was $999 (machine only) at JB Hifi just last week and now its $1699 in the Dynamic Duo pack…. massive price premium given the grinder can be had sub $250.


    Laser printers and MFC are out of stock everywhere as well in Sydney


    You may be forced to grab a second hand one.


    Not discontinued that I know of. But they have stock come and go every quicky.

    I spoke with Breville direct last year before buying mine and they gave me ETA's on the next shipment so i knew when to look out for it.

    Drop them a line and see what they say…


      Cheers, will do!


        Hey just wondering if you got any response from them looking at buying one myself

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          Hey, I contacted Breville last week and they said stock is arriving end of September


    Our combo was $1080 4.5 years ago, in the last year or so have had it in 3 times for repairs, lucky we have a local guy who fixes coffee machines reasonably, probs about $250 spent, he cleans and descales it too so not bad, also gives a loaner too.
    3 coffees a day would probably think hard if buying another one.

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    I recently spoke with a bloke from the good guys, and he mentioned that they only had the opportunity to order the machines on their own a couple of times a year - around Christmas and just before end of financial year. Looking back at previous OzB deals, this seems to line up.

    Last week I managed to get a BES920BKS (Black Sesame colour) from Harvey Norman in City Cross (Adelaide) for $999. You have to mention Frank the spruiker to get that price. They still had about 10 units left on Sunday the 29th.

    The first unit was faulty (the pressure gauge filled with water while pulling the first shot!), and the Smart Grinder Pro (matching black) I bought with it had horrible coil whine, even in standby mode. Fortunately, I was able to get replacements delivered and the faulty units taken away at no cost. The replacement grinder had the same coil whine, so I ended up taking that one back for a refund.

    The replacement BDB works a treat. I'm very impressed with it, especially after my poor first impression! I quite like the black colour too, and I may just get a Eureka Mignon in black to match it. I'm currently using my Sunbeam EM0480 grinder, which despite being about 8 years old is not doing a bad job. My previous espresso machine was a 16 year old Gaggia Classic, which I love, but the quality of life improvements of the BDB alone make me question why I didn't get one sooner. I'm just hoping it lasts half as long as the Gaggia (which isn't quite dead yet, so that might be a stretch!)

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      I also spoke to a chat rep at appliances online and they said the dual boiler (minus the smart grinder) should be back in stock by October which seems to line up with what Breville told me re stock arriving end of September


        Thanks! Real mvp