TP-Link Deco X60 AX3000 Mesh Router for NBN 1000/50 Plan

Just swapped to iinet 1000/50 plan and currently using a TP-Link M5 Mesh x 3 pack which only does up to 800mbs or so on 5ghz, Good Guys commercial has the X60 2 pack for $303 which is wifi-6, mainly have wifi 6 Apple gear now.

Should I see a big difference in speed with the X60 over my 1 year old M5?

The TP-Link App is saying I am getting 840/47 but then ookla speed test app is saying 550/40 on my 24"M1 iMac, M1 12.9 iPad and 12 pro max.

Any advice thanks.


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    Dong Knows Tech Deco X60 testing with a 2x2 Wi-Fi 6 client received 718.6Mbps. Remember that nbn Ultrafast is a best effort product and speeds will change due to various reasons out of your control and if you have FTTP or HFC.

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      ok, yes I have FTTP for years now.

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    I can’t imagine you would feel any change in the day to day use of the system, but the speedtest results might be a little faster.
    Are there any services on the Internet that you are using that are bandwidth constrained?


      No, just your usual stuff, have home office and only 2 users in the day and 3 at night. The 1000/50 plan special I got is only extra $10 a month v the old 100/40 I had.

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        You can easily get a few years out of the M5 before upgrading.