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Micro:bit V2 Go Kit 30% off $22.99 + Shipping (Normally $32.95) @ Core Electronics


We are back with another OzBargain worthy deal; 30% off Micro:bit V2, one of the most popular development boards to learn how to code and work with electronics.

This offer is for a very limited time - we ended up with a bit more stock than we expected. Enjoy!

In the box:

  • 1x micro:bit v2
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x AAA battery holder
  • 2x AAA batteries

What can you do with it? A LOT! Here are two resources that will help ignite creative projects with micro:bit:

This is hands down, our favorite beginner+intermediate board for electronics and coding. It is jammed packed with sensors and hardware such as:

  • 64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
  • 512KB Flash
  • 128KB RAM
  • 5x5 Red LED Array
  • Two Programmable Buttons, one touch sensitive logo
  • MEMS microphone and LED indicator
  • Onboard Light, Compass, Accelerometer, Temp Sensors and Speaker
  • 2.4 Ghz Micro:bit Radio/BLE 5.0 Smart Antenna
  • 25-pin Edge Connector
  • 4 dedicated GPIO, PWM, i2c, SPI, and ext. power
  • Three Digital/Analog Input/Output Rings
  • Two Power Rings —- 3V and GND
  • Dedcated I2C bus for peripherals
  • MicroUSB Connector (5V)
  • JST-PH Battery Connector (Not JST-XH) (3V)
  • Power/reset Button with Status LED
  • 200 mA available for accessories
  • Program with C++, MakeCode, Python, Scratch

And yeah, the latest edition of the Micro:bit (this deal) really does support Python.

No extra accessories are needed - which is why this is called the "Go" kit.

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  • Cool, been looking out for a deal for one of these for a while.

    • +2

      =) let the electronics adventures begin, have fun!

      • It'll go well with the clearance coding books I bought off OZB for my son last week!

  • +6

    OP awesome, you guys should get registered with Creative Kids NSW.

    • +5

      Hey, great idea. We'll look into it!

  • Possible build auto robot to draw with this module using scratch and https://scratch.mit.edu/boost?

  • What sorta age group would you recommend these for?

    • +3

      They use these in highschools to teach STEM I did a job interview for IT support at highschools where they tested us on this with Scratch and some other software.
      The main selling point is the addons like LED Light, Sensors, Programmable signs, switches and circuits you can slot on.

      • +3

        The main selling points of this are the community, educational content/ecosystem and support. Add ons are good, particularly for extending students, but you can do so, do much with just the board itself

        • +4

          Yep - plenty of other boards but the community support and educational resources produced for the Micro:bit make it superior.

          We've used micro:bits to:

          Create a smart bin that awards house points to the house who recycles the most (and lights up LEDs to show how many points currently earned).

          Accelerometer and buttons to create a motion controller for parrot Mambo drones (use your hand to control the drone). Dangerous but fun!

          Accelerometer for lots of scratch games (flappy bird that requires you to actually flap, steering wheel style input, running IRL to move in a game etc).

          PE games - stop watch, yoga (accelerometer), push ups etc.

          Buzzers for the quiz games etc using the radio functionality

          Lots and lots of extensibility with them in EDU. Core electronics is second to none for their edu support and active forum too.

    • +1

      Id say age 10+. The coding is similar to scratch block coding.

  • +35

    Didn't need this so only bought two.

  • +4

    If anyone is interested there is a free (or contribute what you want) e-book entitled "micro:bit MicroPython in 60 minutes" available from Lean Publishing…


    You'll have to create an account but they occasionally have other free titles. I've found them useful but YMMV

  • What minimum age would this be recommended for? Think Lego recommended age ratings.

    • +2


      • +2

        Id say as young as 10 for independent students, its amazing how quickly 'some' students pick it up! Heaps of tutorials on the Microsoft microbit website with lots of expansions possible with relatively affordable kits available through core electronics.

    • +1

      My boy is 5 years, still able to play it.

    • +2

      We use them in primary (10yrs) through to high school (15yrs).

      We start with scratch and then move the kids on to python.

      I use them occassionaly for odd jobs. Last year used it to drive an infinity mirror for our class Christmas display.

  • +3

    Got one! Thanks OP!
    Also ordered a GlowBit Rainbow.

    • +7

      Oh, nice one! Every GlowBit is made right here in our Newcastle Factory. Here's a flashback to the very first panels we assembled. Hard to beat our excitement getting our Pick and Place production line together - Michael's energy at the beginning there really catches the moment :)

      There are now a few thousand around Australia - glowing in their own ways.

      Don't forget to tag us with whatever you build, we'd LOVE to see it!

      • +4

        Also ordered one here with the GlowBit Rainbow and some alligator clips. Thank you for providing such great value for something which will hopefully engage myself and kids during this lockdown.

        • +5

          Haha me too! I have barely any coding knowledge so this is for me and the kids can maybe have a go at some point.
          Need something to do to keep my brain busy.

          • +2

            @chriso1: Great idea! Great price on the GlowBit! I got both too.

  • Do these use a Node-red type platform?

    • Hey Chimi

      No, they are for programming with C++, MakeCode, Python, Scratch

      They run at about 64Mhz, which is pretty quick for a microcontroller.

      • +1

        You can also program them with microBlocks. Microblocks has a library for controlling the leds etc.

  • Does it run Home Assistant?

    • +5

      64 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 with FPU
      128KB RAM


      • Lol

  • +4

    Would it run a thorium reactor?

    • +2

      Yes, and will win the race.

  • +1

    Thanks team! I've put an order in for pickup as I'm close by, looking forward to this for my son.

  • Not shipping to Qld?

    • +1

      We sure do - perhaps try a CTRL+F5 on the checkout page in case something went wrong :)

  • +1

    Will this suit someone who has liked soldering/ tinkering in high school and has some interest in getting back into it? Just curious because my current field of study is way off from electronics and I'd like to diversify.

    • +1

      I'd say a Raspberry Pi 4 is more suitable you can also buy from Core

      • Also looking to get started in coding, that is suitable too? thanks

  • Can this kit be used for making use of excess solar. Ie.

    1. If solar is exporting to the grid, divert power to an EV charger / power point .

    And 2. Make use of non grid connected solar panels to heat hot water (DC direct). So need to mimic 50Hz AC oscillation to prevent burning out the thermostat. Ie. Driving / signalling a contactor or similar?

    • Just enable to relay outputs in your solar inverter and use them to drive a contractor on your hot water/ev circuits. No $20 bare pcb is going to do what you ask… I don't think?

      • I believe Fronius inverters have these built in for EV charging etc. Just trying to mimic that on a standard inverter.

        As for part 2, I guess I'm asking if this can output an on/off switching signal to a relay 50x per second..and reliably (would need a battery backup, or maybe run off solar (DC power itself)?

    • No this is for education purposes. You are looking for a commercial product.

  • +1

    Bought a few (4 :)). Kids are looking forward to it, as am I :)

    Did anyone else buy via their phone, and have weird issues with having to restart the buying process? I had to perform the checkout process 3-4 times, after it kinda reset with address changes, and once after entering the card details. Slightly frustrating.

    • +1

      Hmm! We are seeing some 500 errors on the AusPost API, though they haven't yet updated their status page. There was a major outage this week, so perhaps there's still some more work to do https://status.developers.auspost.com.au/

      We'll turn on our shipping table rates instead, they are less accurate though at least they work compared to failed API responses :)

    • +1

      Just bought one on the phone. No issues with my order, used PayPal though.

  • +2

    Just got the controller and the rainbow board.

  • +1

    Just received mine, shipping was bloody quick!

    • Must've used AusPost instead of Aramex.
      Though Aramex, have been advertising for Casual/Bluscouriers drivers recently.

  • Thanks Graham. I wish I had one of these 25 years ago. Great looking product at a reasonable price.

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