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Dell Premier Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse US English - KM7321W $123.95 Delivered (Was $185) @ Dell


not sure how good this one compare to the Logitech Logitech 920-009418 MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard. JB-HI should be able to price match.

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  • This is a good keyboard (got one from work, surprised at the going price). Multi-device works well over USB and Bluetooth.

    • How do you rate the mouse? compare with Logitech master anywhere?

      • Could be just me, but the mouse seems to go through batteries very quick. Relatively comfortable.

        Keyboard is good without being amazing.

      • I haven't used a Logitech Master so can't compare, but my thoughts were that it was fine, but not exceptional. It doesn't have the build quality of some higher end ones I've used, but perfectly usable and comfortable.

        It does have support for Swift Pair which was a nice touch, but I expect most do nowadays. Agree with oldmate that keyboard is good without being amazing. I prefer an ergonomic keyboard at home but I was able to use this in the office without fuss.

        For a multipoint keyboard mouse combo I think this is great value and I would pay this much for it myself if I didn't get it from work.

  • +1

    I was provided the slightly trimmed down KM7120W from work. Works well and great flexibility with Bluetooth or dongle, but on my model the function buttons (F1, F2, etc) are combined with the Home, Insert, End buttons which is very annoying.

    Typing is quiet and very low profile and travel distance like that of laptop (for those who prefer it), note the keys are not back lit. Mouse looks the same as mine which works fine, it's height sits up further into the hand but I prefer the shape of my Razer Deathadder.

  • Amazon selling for 109

    • That's a lower model.

  • I have this keyboard and also rate it if you like the soft touch style keyboards of old MacBooks.

    Well built and love the multi device support. USB dongle stays connected to the PC and with a flick of a switch, it can pair to my iPad.

  • The mouse looks a bit cheap.
    You probably can get a Logitech K780 and triathlon mouse for the same price.

  • I have this keyboard and mouse and I don't use it anymore!

    I use both the Logitech Craft and MX Keys, also a 3 device keyboards, but in my opinion have a better key action and more solid feel.
    Logitech's reception is better and faster than the Dell Keyboard which matters when you have multiple devices spread around your desk with distance between them.
    They also then work with the MX Master mouse as part of the same hop from one computer to the next and the MX Master mouse absolutely kills this Dell Mouse.

    The Craft or MX Keys just feel better to use to me, but the clincher is the Logitech Flow functionality. I use a lot of screens and just roll the mouse from one to the next, no pressing buttons on the keyboard and mouse to change computers.

    • I agree, the keys are a bit on the spongey/mushy side.

  • Is it backlit like the MX Keys? Found that to be one of the more useful features but chews through the battery rather quickly.

    • Not backlit.

  • Nice looking keyboard at a good price, thanks! Also the above mentioned KM7120W. Just a shame neither come as keyboard only packages as I'm looking for a decent quality compact laptop-style keyboard. Still possibly worth it at this price though and ditch the mouse.

    I use a small windows app to seamlessly share my keyboard and mouse between other computers, as I found the Logitech flow feature a bit buggy.

    • What’s the app?
      How is it better than Flow?

      • There's a few available, but I'm using "Mouse without Borders". Can use any keyboard and any mouse with it, not limited to Logitech products with that feature. I've just found it seems to work a bit more seamlessly as I move the mouse from one computer to the next. Can copy/paste from one computer to the other too (as you can with flow). Pretty sure it'll only work on computers though (on the same network), not tablet devices etc.

        • That's the main downside of Flow as well. You have to be on the same network as it uses the network to complete the transition status and for any copy/paste.
          For me I use separate subnets for personal and work and have a server in a DMZ. Flow will not hop between those boxes.
          Same applies on a simpler level if you are using a VPN on some boxes as unless you have multiple NICs or a split horizon VPN you are essentially on a different network.

  • I wish they sell the keyboard separately. Don't need the mouse.

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