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Olive Oil Soap Mixed Trio-Pack $29.99 + Delivery @ Olive Oil Skincare


Be gentle guys, long time lurker, first post :)

I have lots of skin issues and very sensitive skin and found this soap to be the only one that doesn't react with my skin. I know this soap isn't the cheapest but sharing this deal with anyone who is on the same boat as me. The bonus is it smells amazing.

Also, the email I received from them states that if you buy two packets, you get a 500ml hand sanitiser for free.

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    What is considered a long time lurker?


      5 years without signing up, my best ozbargained item was getting a DJI mini fly more combo for $300 and sketchers shoes for $10!


      Freaking out people at the end of a dimly lit tunnel

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    Have you tried making your own? $30 for 300g seems really steep for Ozbargainers, when you can buy the ingredients for making your own from Coles/Woolies

    Sodium Hydroxide (drain cleaner) plus olive oil. Add whatever else you want like some coconut oil or avocado oil or or canola oil whatever you like.

    Use a superfat calculator to check how much sodium hydroxide to add. Should end up being less than $10 per kg


      I'm going to give this a try


    Have you tried using Sorbolene cream as a soap substitute?

    2 litres for $10 at Big W.