Birthday Present Advice for Partner with Family Overseas

Hi all,

I'm after some birthday present advice for my partner.

Like many others, her entire family is overseas and she's quite homesick so I would like to get her something that has a bit of all of their input.

Budget isn't really an issue but she is an artistic and somewhat spiritual person.

Some random ideas I was thinking of but not sure where to begin..

  • Not exactly sure what but a custom piece with photos selected by each family member (not a frame)
  • Some kind of decorative piece with different stones/gems with each one being selected by one of her family members

Any advice would be much appreciated!




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    Maybe a physical printed photo book with messages from her family in it, if possible handwritten and scanned in or a video compilation with recorded messages from family and friends overseas.

    Also consider a zoom party.

    If you go for jewelry just go for something you know she'll like so she feels special.

    In addition, just do something really great for her birthday (obviously more difficult in lockdown) but order really good takeaway or cook her a three course meal for a dinner at home. You could also do something artistic together like do a painting for your home. or maybe an online art class together with the required materials/tools as a gift?

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      Thanks for the ideas! Definitely planning a group activity but the video compilation could work very well. :)


      i think the printed photo book with handwritten messages would be a fantastic present

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    A jar a Vegemite with a card saying "seeing what they make me eat over here"


      She actually eats that stuff… I know, I know.

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    You're overthinking this.

    Give her something that will make her happy.

    For example, if you give her an expensive handbag, then I'm willing to bet that she would be overjoyed & not particularly care if she was feeling homesick the day before.

    The problem with things like "custom piece with photos selected by each family member" or "decorative piece with different stones/gems with each one being selected by one of her family members" is that it'll just remind her that she's away from her family, which will just make her more sad & homesick.

    You want to giver her something that takes her mind away from her homesickness that something that reminds her of it.