No Test Drives or Inspections at The Moment?

I was enquiring about a used car through carsales, when I got in contact with the car yard they told me they're not doing test drives or inspections, only click and collect purchases. Who buys a car without inspecting or driving it first?

Decided I won't be buying a car I can't see or test drive. Not worth the risk for me. Thank you for all your comments.


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    Desperate times. You would be surprised.

  • Who buys a car without inspecting or driving it first?

    Actually lots of people. Particularly if it's an "approved used" from a dealer.

    I would imagine less so for your average third party used car lot though.

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      Surely nobody believes that "approved used" stuff?

      Please tell me humanity hasnt dipped that far.

      • The "5,000 point inspection checks"? Hell no.

        But the full service history, added dealer warranty and some of them offer 3-7 day no hassle return is handy.

        If I wanted an E350, it's an E350 with X spec and Y mileage. Don't need to test drive it individually.

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          Don't need to test drive it individually.

          Two cars can be exactly the same make/model with similar kms, but one could've had a really hard life compared to the other.

    • did it for my GR Yaris, but i did ask them to include a subject to test drive clause in the agreement when i paid the 1k deposit.

  • not a used.. but i bought a new car

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      I bought a new car too, but I would never buy a car unseen or without test driving it, unless I'm buying an identical car to one I already own.

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        Not even when new and identical. I have driven a few examples where one car has rattles etc and the other doesn't.

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          Yeah true. Subject to test drive is a condition I would never purchase a car without.

          When I got my new i30, they also let me know I can have a i30 Sedan but I can't see it before buying it. Even though they had plenty of videos and pictures to see, it was a straight no. Looking at a car in pictures and physically sitting behind the drivers wheel provide completely different perspectives.

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    New car yes esp if you know what you are after, and it comes down to price (ie who can give you the best deal) but right now, it is well known that supply is quite low, while demand is up.

  • We did 2 months ago, Suzuki Swift GL plus, was on the boat coming when we paid the deposit, paid the rest few days before pick up, had to drive 5 hours to the dealer to get it, only one in Premium Silver colour could find, and managed to get $850 off, plus free premium paint $695, matts, and white plates.
    Not bad considering the times.

  • I agree with buying new, I did it in 2013 with my current car, I did test drive that model earlier though. Buying a 2nd hand car without inspecting it just seems scary to me, I'm looking at a $32k car, not a $2k runabout.

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    Who buys a car without inspecting or driving it first?

    No way I'd buy a used car without test-driving it. A test drive not only shows that the car will go (which is it's primary function), but it can also bring up a number of other issues to a potential buyer's attention - such as any weird noises, vibrations, steering issues, engine power issues, etc). All of which could lead to the need for costly repairs.

    …they're not doing test drives or inspections, only click and collect purchases.

    Find another dealer!

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    If you're gonna skip the test drive, you may as well buy directly from Pickles auctions and get it at dealer cost price.
    I've bought 2 used cars from there, completely sight unseen. And while I wouldn't recommend it, they've both been good.

    If you go for a pretty standard ex-government vehicle, you basically get a wide range of reliable models with consistent usage histories and by-the-book servicing.
    You'll have plenty of plain white, 3yo, 50k km Corollas to choose from.

    I even managed to get an unusually old ex-gov vehicle with very low km. Seemingly abandoned, it did around 3000km in the previous 5 years, yet still had an annual service

    • At least with a dealer there’s a reasonable chance they’ve driven it and looked it over and will provide a warranty.

      I went to buy car (years ago, when young and fairly inexperienced) test drove it and thought it was OK but when I got back they said couldn’t sell it yet because it needed some work done. I didn’t go back to that dealer!

      • I think you get whatever may be left of factory warranty with the auctions. I know we were able to get VW to fix the common gearbox issues they had

  • New car or second hand?
    Do you have a car that needs a service and they can 'slip' you the keys of a like for like service loan car?

    Worth asking the question… :)

    • Used car. Not a bad idea you got there

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        ah ha… maybe not work in that case…
        Yeah, was thinking, how can you get around this one…
        Usually many ways to find workarounds to most things in life! :)

        I often give the local service boys a call when I hear knocking noises. Just so happens, my car is under warranty and I get along pretty well with the service advisers… Just so happens to happen on occasions when there is a new car released! LMAO…

        I reckon, in your case, maybe they need to do an evaluation on your car and inspection, but you need to quickly head to pick the kids up from school or something? Maybe they can help you with a loan car, just so happens to be a car you have been considering buying once day… wink wink


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    I wouldn’t do it. Either wait, or comply though seems to be the options.

    You’re in lockdown (unfortunately) and this is another thing that sucks about it.

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    Buy privately then?

  • Who buys a car without inspecting or driving it first……me!

    Purchased it from a dealer in VIC & got it delivered to my door here in WA. Ford G6ET with 8,000 k's on it & not even 12 months old, so remainder of new car warranty.

    Very few of this model available here in WA & dealers wouldn't budge on price due to the lack of competition here & the fact few people will actually buy elsewhere. Saved over 5k.

    Also imported a jetski from the USA & saved another 10k there.

    • Had you had a test drive, or driven that sort of vehicle before? I've never driven the sort of car I was looking at

      • Then you need to drive it.