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[VIC] 70% off Storewide @ Priceline (Parkmore Shopping Centre)


Seems to be a storewide clearance at Parkmore Shopping Centre Priceline. Better get in quick.

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    ya, I guess 70% off Priceline's price tag is still more expensive than CW's weekly discounted tag

  • +27 votes

    Tell the security guard he’s wearing his mask wrong. SMH.

    • -13 votes

      oh cut him some snack cos wearing a mask properly is not that easy (requires bachelor degree or above)

    • +15 votes

      security guard he’s wearing his mask wrong

      He nose that…


        It kind of blows when they can't wear it properly


          now youre splitting (nose) hairs who has the funniest pun.


            @xoom: Mask up Mr Security!
            Like, so that it will cover your nose.

  • +1 vote

    Include fragrances?

    • +4 votes

      Yes, and then you can use those gift cards to buy more gift cards and keeping repeating in a loop until you single-handedly double Australia's GDP.

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    My goodness what a bargain driving from Fairfield (NSW) to there now !


      can you do me a favour? got some furniture i need to move around.


        I like to travel in style, so hire me a limo, please.

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    Covid-19? Delta? What are you people talking about? This is when Priceline mutates into Lifeline.


    too late, shopping center closed….

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    The store will be closing in ~4 weeks I believe. That being said, the sale just started today and people were loading their baskets up. A lot of shelves were being emptied


      Yep, Parkmore is such a dive. I'm expecting some more massage and nail salons to take it's place .


        Surely we can’t get any more nail salons

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    You had to mention that there is a booking requirement. It's a total waste of time to come since I wasn't allowed in. The booking is in-store then they tell you a time to come back, which is already full for the day.

    The good thing is that it's on my way to work just had to come earlier. Not worth the time waste.

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    Holy crap! I ask if they are seeking gift cards and even acknowledge it may be a silly question and it still gets negged. My pharmacy is also a Priceline so you never know maybe they had gift card stock they wanted to unload? lmao people can be so petty at times.


      I think people tend to like jumping on the neg train.

      neganeganeganeganeganeganeganeganeganeganeganega whoowhooo!


      You do realise gift cards can just be allocated to other stores and contain no value until activated by the cashier?

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    The sale started at 9 am 2 days ago (aug3)

    The booking was implemented just this morning. (Aug5)

    All you have to do is to go there, scan a barcode and you’ll have to wait for their text message saying “ You're next in Q at Priceline”

    Been there 3 days straight since I live just 3 mins away.. it’s worth it. Bought lots of fragrances… Now I'm ready for christmas. I bought essential stuff for my family and relatives.

    I noticed today about 60% of the shelves were emptied. And fragrance section is almost empty.

    For example Bought some fragrances rrp $140 down to $42

    Everything is 70% off…