Xbox game pass ultimate setup for a first time xbox owner

Former Sega Master system & mega drive user here. My son is getting his first modern console and is planning to spend his birthday money on the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a cost of $15.95 / month.

I came straight here to find the best deal for 1 year minimum - and become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of forum posts and out of date xbox info. Many if not most of the deals are for upgrading/changing existing deals from Xbox

I am experienced at using VPN for deals (ie youtube family premium from argentina)

I'm after a Setup/steps/guide for a brand-new-no-account-yet user to make sure I don't accidentally set up my account wrong or locking myself out of the best deal upfront?

And then set him up with a full 1 or 2 or 3 year account prepaid on the cheap.

Examples :
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - Best Deals to Renew Membership
Xbox Game Pass Brazil VPN Trick
PSA - Xbox Gold to Ultimate Upgrade (3 months) for $1


  • There was one with 3 months free for new members. I would say get that since in 3 months you can download tons of games. Might not need game pass later imo. Or can do month when something big comes

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      You need an active game pass subscription to play downloaded game pass games

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  • I recently bought 12 months Xbox Live Gold for $80 from JB and then for $1 used this to upgrade to game pass:

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    Earlier this month the 36 months of Brazil Xbox Gold, subsequently applied to the Xbox account (while using a Brazil VPN exit), then upgraded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (no VPN needed at this point) - still worked.

    I purchased 3 of these from CDKeys:
    Though I initially just bought one to try activating on my Xbox account just to be sure. I do note CDKeys now has a very specific warning saying they won't activate in Australia, which is new. So maybe best to minimise risk and try just one first.

    You won't need the VPN to buy from CDKeys, but you will need it active when you go to (while logged into the same Microsoft account you plan to use on your Xbox). I did this through an incognito windows in the browser, just to be sure there were no Microsoft cookies hanging around saying I was in Australia.
    It's also worth remembering to not choose to set up recurring billing each time you activate the code, as that will give you a free month. As you can't have more than 36 months active at any one time, you only want to have the 3x12 month Xbox Gold codes.

    Once you've stacked up 36 months of gold, join ultimate (you may have to pay $15 to this, but that's no big deal).

    3 years of Ultimate for about $170ish. A very good deal indeed. If you don't want to risk the Brazil codes - you can still by 3x12 month Xbox Gold at JB Australia and do the same. It's still cheaper than $16/month

    • Very good detailed explanation

    • Is it possible to add another 12 months this way? I did the three year Brazil thing about 12 months ago and I'm worried 24 months from now needing to pay whatever Microsoft feels like charging for Ultimate, could be $30 a month by then, who knows.

      • This technique only works for accounts with expired game pass, so no.
        I've been topping up with the odd special (like Target US had reasonable 3 month codes a while back), plus 7 day Eneba codes on occasion

        • Can US codes be used to top up an AU account?

          • @AustriaBargain: I was able to. Though most of the time that's not a cheaper option anyway.

    • Hey there, by following this method do you also get access to the Brazil prices for games moving forward too?

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        Nope. I have heard from some having trouble with the Brazil cdkeys codes recently, so MS may have closed that loophole too.