Is This Gaming PC a Good Deal? - Budget $2000

Hi, is this a good deal?

I want to buy a PC with a budget of roughly $2000 (give or take). Should I go for this or wait for a better deal?


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    so so, the processor is 3 gens behind with a 4th gen rocking up in a few months
    if you plan on keeping it for a few years, id get a current or wait for new-gen

    altho the upcoming intel platform has some very new features like big/little cores pcie5 and ddr5 and new features are generally ass for the first 2-3 years
    so tbh id get the amd refresh. 6000 series chip. if your not a pc person and this is all Chinese to you

    just wait a few months and get the latest AMD OR 11700k deal


    I was actually looking at that site today because of one of the deals that was on Ozbargain a few weeks back and a came across this.

    From reviews I know the 3060 ti is decent and just a bit slower than the 3070 but the CPU used in this is faster than the 5600x (from what I have seen - stock) but runs very hot and the case doesn't have the best airflow + no AIO.

    Can anyone on here advise please? I don't know much about PC's just read up what I know from Ozbargain comments + Youtube reviews etc. Pricing wise seems okay vs PCPartpicker where i populated the 3060 ti price manually from what I have seen on ozbargain (was ~ 200 cheaper going with BPC).


    this build has been posted here a couple times already, so check the threads, good info there

    My 2 cents: components are good for its price, only thing that would prevent me from getting it is the GPU, which is a LHR version


      appreciate the response. are LHR gpus significantly worse than normal gpus? in all honesty i've got no clue what that means

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        in gaming terms, its exactly the same. If its for mining cryptocurrencies, then it only has half the performance
        Even if you dont use it to mine, it will likely sell for a little less compared to its non LHR peers if you do want to upgrade in the future.