Where to Find Good Dried Fish

Once I went to Iceland and was impressed by the dried fish as a snack option.
Even though it was dried, it still had good texture, was tasty and still chewable.

A while back I thought hey why not have that as a healthy snack option.
Went onto myasiangrocer.com.au and placed an order.
To my disappointment every single item I had ordered was, yes dried but so rock hard and dry that basically it was uneatable.
Felt more like it was for cooking than anything else.

To cut a long story short, does anyone know where I can find dried fish like the Icelandic one here in Australia?
I am located in Melbourne but of course happy to also order from somewhere else.
Thank you.



    What were the ones you tried and didn't like?


    Was it sort of like a fish jerky?

    If so Korean juipo (dried, marinated filefish) might be the closest thing. Fair warning though, it is very hard and unpleasant straight out of the pack. It's meant to be warmed over a grill or in a frying pan to soften before eating.

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    Of course you didnt find anything that was close, you went to the wrong website.


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    Is the word “uneatable” hurting anyone else ?

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    To cut a long story short, does anyone know where I can find dried fish like the Icelandic one here in Australia?

    Make your own.

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    Chances are dried fish from an asian grocer are meant for stock base rather than eating as jerky.

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    I've got the feeling the 'hard' dried fishes you've been looking at are dried salted ones meant for cooking and broken up into smaller bits. There is the Malaysian Dahfa Snek Ikan (Dahfa Fish Snack) which is soft textured can be consumed straight away, and is available in a fair few Asian grocers (although not on the myasiangrocer website).


    I know russians eat dried fish as a snack as well. It does not smell as potent as asian versions.

    I suggest you try some of the grocery stores along carlisle street in St kilda that stock groceries from the region


    May go to a (good) Italian deli and look for Baccalà; it could be similar.


    Thanks for all the tips, need to follow up on some.

    It did seem that the Asian ones were more so for stock making rather than consumption in that form.
    Definitely only want the ones with salt, some have sugar and that just makes it an unhealthier snack again.


    If you get desperate, you could always try the Icelandic Embassy in Melbourne - the staff would probably have the best idea as they'd probably wanting it themselves.