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[VIC] Spend $85 and Get A Free Family Lasagne (RRP $48) Delivered (Melbourne Only) @ Gourmeal


A free family lasagne with any order value over $85 and free shipping Melbourne wide.
Valued at $48
Includes free delivery

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    I hope the recipe is better than the spelling.

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      "layers of beef bologanaise, basil, b├ęchamel and pecorino"

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    $50 for a lasagne!?

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    That is one expensive lasagne. What is the size of is this family?

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      Hey there, This is a very large Lasagne, serves 8 - 10 people so becomes around $5 per portion.

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        Your website states it serves 6 so that $8 per portion. I guess you could state it feeds 50 if you cut down the portion size.

  • No delivery to where I am, despite being in "Metropolitan Melbourne".

    • Hey there, what suburb are you in? Seems strange

      • I input my postcode (and a few others of nearby locations) to the delivery confirmation on your site, which returned "Unfortunately we don't service this area currently. Sorry"

        Despite the following statements in your FAQs:
        We delivery all around Melbourne and Victoria.
        We offer next day delivery to metro Melbourne addresses (within 50km of Collingwood)
        The delivery fee is $12.50 for anywhere up to (70km of Collingwood)
        Additional delivery fee is added for further addresses

        • Thanks for that. What suburb are you trying please, it may simply be a technical fault. Shall investigate.

          • @adamgp73: Try 3915, 3929, 3941

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              @GG57: Cool. Yep we do deliver to those areas. We just opened up that recently and hadnt updated the plugin on the front of the website to advise that we do. It will work if you get to the checkout, put in either 3915 3929 3941 and itll work for you. Thanks for alerting us to this, we shall fix the front page.

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                @adamgp73: You could also do with a spell-check on your whole website.

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                  @GG57: Hmmm. So far we have unprofessional spelling errors, contradictions re the 'serves #' claims, a website that is clearly 'broken' (or at least still at the 'experimental stage') re the delivery post-codes etc.; and what is clearly a ludicrously over-priced 'family lasagna'.

                  My question is, was this actually some sort of 'pre-launch market research' exercise, or simply an epic fail?

                  • @GnarlyKnuckles: Maybe they are better at cooking than at marketing?
                    According to OP's history, they have posted deals on here since June 2021.

                    To be honest, it appears expensive to me. I have a local business doing similar items, but with a smaller menu, on a lower cost basis. I obviously cannot compare the quality.

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    I've ordered from Gourmeal in the past, and they have great portions and quality.

    In regards to the lasagna, one quarter of the lasagna was enough for my girlfriend and I.

    To give a size comparison, one quarter was the size of my hand.

    The taste was pretty good:
    - tomato base was a bit on the sour than sweet side (not a bad thing, just pointing it out)
    - the top layer cheese was very creamy, and went well with the overall taste.
    - meat was good

    This ended up being four dinners between two people.

    All meals were already cooked, so chuck it in the microwave/oven/air fryer (versus Hello Fresh/Marley Spoon where you have to make it yourself).

    All meals were packed great, and delivered with no issues.

    I love their "12 hour beef brisket".

    I highly recommend trying them out.

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      That sounds delicious and a OzBargain member giving a testimonial goes a long way.

  • Hi there OP.
    Help! During checkout the delivery dates section just shows a spinner.
    Won't allow me to checkout?

    Update: I disabled the uBlock browser extension and it did allow me to checkout.

    I look forward to trying out your food!

    • Thanks! Yes perhaps your extension was broken. Cheers. Thanks for your business!

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    Recieved mine today. Tonight we had the beef brisket, mac and cheese, parma.

    Beef brisket wasn't saucy enough. Tasted fine though. Came out a little dry after following the reheat instructions. Should be nice in a sandwich with some coleslaw.

    Parma was nice after 10 mins in the air fryer. Disappointed they weren't sweet potato wedges like it said on the Web page just normal potato.

    Mac and cheese was most disappointing. Nothing like the photo and nothing like mac and cheese. More like Mac and carbonara, except weird tasting. Not cheesy at all and it had chilli flakes in it. Also I ended up getting 2 servings of it because they ran out of the potato gratin. The apology note and bottle of wine was appreciated.

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    Had the chimmi churri chicken. It was inedible. Way way too tart. It like no one taste tested it. Sweet potato mash was barely seasoned.

    Lamb ragu with gnocchi. Again it was tart. The cherry tomato's were almost whole indicating it hadn't been cooked long enough. Had a big chunk of fat/skin in my container. The few strips of lamb I had were nice, gnocchi itself was fine. Overall Meh.

    Lasagna was great. Sour like the other comment said but not tart. Tasted like fresh tomato Lasagna. The vaccum seal kind of flattened it unfortunately. Overall it was the best one from the bunch.

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