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[PC] Ghostrunner (Free to Play for 2 Days) or Purchase for $22.47 (50% Off) @ Steam


Full game - Free to play for 2 days
50% off promotion (purchase to own it)

I think its beatable within the remaining time, 1 day 12 hours left at time of posting.

Its a pretty casual platformer, ray tracing, sword slicing :D

Expires early hours of 6/8/21

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    Pretty weird this has a free to play promo, usually only allowed on mp games or long games which ghostrunner is not. is there some other promo happening? dlc?

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      game takes 4 hrs to complete so you can finish it in 2 days and not worry to buy

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    Isn't free to play just free during that period? That's how it usually is I think?


      yes, that's what they are getting at I think.


        Doesn't seem to suggest this - "After expiry of deal it goes back to being paid - I assume that includes if its already in your library as a result of this freebie"

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          That's what I meant, but I guess it's confusing so I edited that out now