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US$2 off: Showsee Foldable Hair Dryer Negative Ion 1800W US$25.89 (~A$35.50) Delivered @ Xiao_mi Global Store


Lightweight and portable
With a folding handle, it can be taken anytime and anywhere.
Soft hair care
Soft and smooth, no knot, full of strength every day.
Integrated storage fuselage design, easy to use, further optimize the space, does not occupy space.
Strong and quick drying
More hair, only 5 minutes for quick drying
1800W high power can sense full air volume.
Warm modelling
Heat balance, EHD intelligent temperature control.
360 ° Magnetic suction port link
360 ° Rotate the air nozzle to increase the isolation outer layer and reduce the skin scald in the modelling process.
With the magnetic suction air nozzle design, it can easily link the fuselage.
Product net weight: 517g
Product size: 12076245mm (without nozzle)
16376245mm (including nozzle)
Rated power: 1800W
Rated input: 220V-50HZ
Power cord length: 1.8m

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    • Delivered before Oct 27
    • 220V-50HZ
    • After 7 days,we only offer you free repair(within 1 month).The buyer need take the responsibility for all shipping cost.
    • On AliExpress,buyer are responsible for taxes or doing customs clearance if required.We can't contact your local customs to help ,please understand.

    Price is good though.

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      You forgot THE most important thing, has the incorrect power plug and you need a adaptor, they do supply it though.

      Got me stuffed as Australia use the EXACT same plug as China, why not just supply that version?

      Finally a grey area, its law though, electrical items should be tested and certified i bet this has not been…..

      • +2 votes

        Also note that the power plug in China doesn't have the insulated pins compared to Australia.

      • +1 vote

        I think they only use our style plugs for earthed connections.

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    Aliexpress is on my shit list. Bought $500USD item, paid for Fedex shipping, seller sent regular mail. Keep having the same conversation with them and they keep telling me to wait for my item.


      The sellers wait till they have the volume quantity and then order from supplier, us buyers have to wait…..

      It SUXS, pay a few points more buy local and get it the same year


      Wonder if when it arrives, you could put together some photo evidence of the slow shipping the seller used, then lodge a dispute saying it took too long, the seller screwed you and you can’t use it anymore or something


        I’ve been trying to open a dispute, but it’s like they aren’t reading what I’m writing. Maybe I need to translate it. I don’t know. They just tell me to wait.
        I said how is that going to change the fact the incorrect shipping method was chosen? I’ll see how everything pans out.


        Nah, just report as never received.